Halestorm 'Apocalyptic' music video

Apocalyptic (2015)


Director: DJay Brawner

Moose Blood 'Bukowski' music video

Bukowski (2015)

Moose Blood

Alice Boman 'Burns' music video

Burns (2015)

Alice Boman

Director: Christoffer Castor

Epoch Failure 'Champion' music video

Champion (2015)

Epoch Failure

Director: Jason M. Schultz

The Charlatans 'Come Home Baby' music video

Come Home Baby (2015)

The Charlatans

Ne-Yo 'Coming With You' music video

Coming With You (2015)


Director: Colin Tilley

Amir Morovat 'Emotions of Tomorrow' music video

Emotions of Tomorrow (2015)

Amir Morovat

Ibeyi 'Ghosts' music video

Ghosts (2015)


Director: Ed Morris

The Wombats 'Greek Tragedy' music video

Greek Tragedy (Version 1) (2015)

The Wombats

Director: Finn Keenan

Family of the Year 'Hero' music video

Hero (Boyhood Version) (2015)

Family of the Year

Director: Isaac Rentz

Subsonica 'I cerchi degli alberi' music video

I cerchi degli alberi (2015)


Director: Jacopo Rondinelli

Kishi Bashi 'In Fantasia' music video

In Fantasia (2015)

Kishi Bashi

Director: Bram De Jonghe, Andrew Turski

Connie Talbot 'Inner Beauty' music video

Inner Beauty (2015)

Connie Talbot

Director: Oscar May

Space Walker 'Invisible Soul' music video

Invisible Soul (2015)

Space Walker

Sterling Witt 'Just War' music video

Just War (2015)

Sterling Witt

G.R.L. 'Lighthouse' music video

Lighthouse (2015)


Director: Daniel Carberry

Ski King 'Little Girl' music video

Little Girl (2015)

Ski King

Director: Dirk Behlau

TSVI 'Malfunction' music video

Malfunction (2015)


Sunken Foal 'Never Knew' music video

Never Knew (2015)

Sunken Foal

Sleater-Kinney 'No Cities To Love' music video

No Cities To Love (2015)


Ghostpoet 'Off Peak Dreams' music video

Off Peak Dreams (2015)


Director: Liam St Pierre

VAIT 'Parkbank' music video

Parkbank (2015)


Parquet Courts 'Pretty Machines' music video

Pretty Machines (2015)

Parquet Courts

Director: Austin Brown

Eivør 'Remember Me' music video

Remember Me (2015)


Matias Aguayo 'Run Away From The Sun' music video

Run Away From The Sun (2015)

Matias Aguayo

Director: Sander Houtkruijer

Mount Eerie 'Sauna' music video

Sauna (2015)

Mount Eerie

Director: Allyson Foster

Vector 'Shiga' music video

Shiga (2015)


Tu P 'Sing The Blues' music video

Sing The Blues (2015)

Tu P

Muted 'Special Place' music video

Special Place (2015)


JAAA! 'Spook' music video

Spook (2015)


Patawawa 'Strange' music video

Strange (2015)


Cash Cash 'Surrender' music video

Surrender (2015)

Cash Cash

Director: Roy Raz

Cookachoo 'The Bold Curve' music video

The Bold Curve (2015)


Small Mechanics 'The Noise' music video

The Noise (2015)

Small Mechanics

Monophona 'Thumb' music video

Thumb (2015)


Director: Ben Andrews

Dawn Richard 'Tide: The Paradox Effect' music video

Tide: The Paradox Effect (2015)

Dawn Richard