BØRNS '10,000 Emerald Pools' music video

10,000 Emerald Pools (Version 1) (2015)


Director: Eli Born

JAW 'ALL 4 U' music video

ALL 4 U (2015)


Director: Ben Kegler

Fear of Men 'America' music video

America (2015)

Fear of Men

Jesús Mendoza 'Aún Te Sigo Amando' music video

Aún Te Sigo Amando (2015)

Jesús Mendoza

Weyes Blood 'Bad Magic' music video

Bad Magic (2015)

Weyes Blood

Director: Joey Frank

Nothing But Thieves 'Ban All the Music' music video

Ban All the Music (2015)

Nothing But Thieves

Director: Rob Brandon

Ivy Levan 'Biscuit' music video

Biscuit (2015)

Ivy Levan

Director: Daniel Carberry

Sterling Witt 'Built by Design' music video

Built by Design (2015)

Sterling Witt

Mila J 'Champion' music video

Champion (2015)

Mila J

Nedelle Torrisi 'Don't Play Dumb' music video

Don't Play Dumb (2015)

Nedelle Torrisi

Jeremih 'Don't Tell 'Em' music video

Don't Tell 'Em (2015)


Jeremih 'Don't Tell Em (Remix)' music video

Don't Tell Em (Remix) (2015)


Redtenbacher's Funkestra 'Dr Hypenstein' music video

Dr Hypenstein (2015)

Redtenbacher's Funkestra

Willam 'Es Una Pasiva' music video

Es Una Pasiva (2015)


Director: Justin Coloma

Danielle Taylor 'Fearless' music video

Fearless (2015)

Danielle Taylor

Cold War Kids 'First' music video

First (2015)

Cold War Kids

Raketkanon 'Florent' music video

Florent (2015)


Director: Raketkanon

Edidon 'Gangsta' music video

Gangsta (2015)


Lief Hall 'Glass Machine' music video

Glass Machine (2015)

Lief Hall

California X 'Hadley, MA' music video

Hadley, MA (2015)

California X

Shura 'Indecision' music video

Indecision (2015)


Director: Hilow Films

Hooton Tennis Club 'Jasper' music video

Jasper (2015)

Hooton Tennis Club

Director: Hooton Tennis Club

Savant 'Kali 47' music video

Kali 47 (2015)


Director: Mike Diva

Loke (2) 'Love Me' music video

Love Me (2015)


They Might Be Giants 'Madam, I Challenge You To A Duel' music video

Madam, I Challenge You To A Duel (2015)

They Might Be Giants

Director: iTWST

Gliss (3) 'Mirrored' music video

Mirrored (2015)


Ben Evolent 'Moving Along' music video

Moving Along (2015)

Ben Evolent

Real Friends 'Summer' music video

Summer (2015)

Real Friends

Chris August 'The Maker' music video

The Maker (2015)

Chris August

Director: Timothy Moore

Lorenzo Fragola 'The Reason Why' music video

The Reason Why (2015)

Lorenzo Fragola

Director: Cosimo Alemà

Magic Man 'Tonight' music video

Tonight (2015)

Magic Man

Mikky Ekko 'U' music video

U (2015)

Mikky Ekko

JoyBoy 'UFO' music video

UFO (2015)


Mars Argo 'Using You' music video

Using You (2015)

Mars Argo

Director: Ryan Wehner

Mellowtoy 'Visions' music video

Visions (2015)


Director: Tommy Antonini

Extraordinaire 'What You Said' music video

What You Said (2015)


Orla Gartland 'Whispers' music video

Whispers (2015)

Orla Gartland

Director: Scott Tolleson

HRMXNY 'You' music video

You (2015)


Eisbrecher 'Zwischen uns' music video

Zwischen uns (2015)