Ben Khan '1000' music video

1000 (2015)

Ben Khan

astronomyy 'All I Need' music video

All I Need (2015)


J. Morgan 'All I Want' music video

All I Want (2015)

J. Morgan

Lucero 'Aquí Estoy' music video

Aquí Estoy (2015)


We Were Evergreen 'Be Like You' music video

Be Like You (2015)

We Were Evergreen

Director: Katie Craik, Fabienne Débarre, Michael Liot

Levante 'Ciao per sempre' music video

Ciao per sempre (2015)


Director: Federico Cangianiello

Luke Potter 'Crazy Enough To Try And Change The World' music video

Crazy Enough To Try And Change The World (2015)

Luke Potter

Lia Ices 'Creature' music video

Creature (2015)

Lia Ices

Reverse 'DialTone' music video

DialTone (2015)


Albin 'Dyra tårar' music video

Dyra tårar (2015)


Flower Drums 'End II End' music video

End II End (2015)

Flower Drums

HIDE 'Force Fed' music video

Force Fed (2015)


self.same 'Fragments' music video

Fragments (2015)


The Ouse Valley Singles Club 'Girl From The Fens' music video

Girl From The Fens (2015)

The Ouse Valley Singles Club

Director: Andrew Barron, Matt Brownsett

Bent Denim 'Good Night's Sleep' music video

Good Night's Sleep (2015)

Bent Denim

Jamie XX 'Gosh' music video

Gosh (Version 1) (2015)

Jamie XX

Director: Erik Wernquist

BRUTTO 'Kapital' music video

Kapital (2015)


Trisha Paytas 'Little Less Conversation' music video

Little Less Conversation (2015)

Trisha Paytas

David Lopez 'Lonely Days' music video

Lonely Days (2015)

David Lopez

Director: Marc Morgan

Brandon Flowers 'Lonely Town' music video

Lonely Town (2015)

Brandon Flowers

Director: Roboshobo

Sally Dige 'Losing You' music video

Losing You (2015)

Sally Dige

Director: Sally Dige, Johannah Jørgensen

The Vaccines 'Minimal Affection' music video

Minimal Affection (2015)

The Vaccines

Lucero 'Ni Un Roce' music video

Ni Un Roce (2015)


Rainer 'Nocturn' music video

Nocturn (2015)


Jacob Whitesides 'Not My Type At All' music video

Not My Type At All (2015)

Jacob Whitesides

Bearcubs 'Paper Walls' music video

Paper Walls (2015)


Ton-Taun 'Perfect' music video

Perfect (2015)


Dralms 'Pillars & Pyre' music video

Pillars & Pyre (2015)


Director: Christopher Smith

Human Machine 'Polymorphism' music video

Polymorphism (2015)

Human Machine

Alexandra Burke 'Renegade' music video

Renegade (2015)

Alexandra Burke

Tula 'River' music video

River (2015)


Director: Terese Andrén

Ink Project 'Runaway Ritual' music video

Runaway Ritual (2015)

Ink Project

TWiiNS 'SAGAPO' music video

SAGAPO (2015)


The Millenium 'Take Me' music video

Take Me (2015)

The Millenium

Director: Tim Olsen

Children of Distance 'Tegnap láttalak' music video

Tegnap láttalak (2015)

Children of Distance

Big Data 'The Business of Emotion' music video

The Business of Emotion (Version 1) (2015)

Big Data

Flower Fellow 'The Rabbit' music video

The Rabbit (2015)

Flower Fellow

Tanya Tagaq 'Uja' music video

Uja (2015)

Tanya Tagaq

Director: Procter Bros.

Death From Above 1979 'Virgins' music video

Virgins (2015)

Death From Above 1979

Director: Eva Michon