Sevyn Streeter '4th Street' music video

4th Street (2015)

Sevyn Streeter

Matthew Szlachetka 'Back Into Your Heart' music video

Back Into Your Heart (2015)

Matthew Szlachetka

Regent Cheung 'Be Reasonable' music video

Be Reasonable (2015)

Regent Cheung

Director: Rhyno Chan

Alice Phoebe Lou 'Berlin Blues' music video

Berlin Blues (2015)

Alice Phoebe Lou

Dark Polo Gang 'Ciaga' music video

Ciaga (2015)

Dark Polo Gang

Director: Alxssvndroman

Black Peaks 'Crooks' music video

Crooks (2015)

Black Peaks

Muse 'Dead Inside' music video

Dead Inside (2015)


Director: Robert Hales

TOPS 'Destination' music video

Destination (2015)


Refused 'Elektra' music video

Elektra (2015)


The Beach 'From Above' music video

From Above (2015)

The Beach

Bosutski Be?ari 'Gdje smo sad' music video

Gdje smo sad (2015)

Bosutski Be?ari

Psyko Punkz 'Hit The Bong' music video

Hit The Bong (2015)

Psyko Punkz

Our Last Night 'Home' music video

Home (2015)

Our Last Night

Director: DJay Brawner

The Smoking Trees 'Home In The Morning' music video

Home In The Morning (2015)

The Smoking Trees

Parov Stelar 'Hooked On You' music video

Hooked On You (2015)

Parov Stelar

Odessa 'Hummed Low' music video

Hummed Low (2015)


Director: Drew Bourdet

Ivana (9) 'I Love You The Way You Are' music video

I Love You The Way You Are (2015)


They Might Be Giants 'Impossibly New' music video

Impossibly New (2015)

They Might Be Giants

Yemi Alade 'Kissing (French Remix)' music video

Kissing (French Remix) (2015)

Yemi Alade

Quigley 'Lost Again' music video

Lost Again (2015)


3 Sud Est 'Mai Stai' music video

Mai Stai (2015)

3 Sud Est

Director: Bogdan Daragiu

Eliza And The Bear 'Make It On My Own' music video

Make It On My Own (2015)

Eliza And The Bear

Witt Lowry 'Move On' music video

Move On (2015)

Witt Lowry

Director: Mike Squires

Satellite Sky 'Next Time' music video

Next Time (2015)

Satellite Sky

Anagogia 'Quattro' music video

Quattro (2015)


Gang Of Youths 'Radioface' music video

Radioface (2015)

Gang Of Youths

Director: Josh Harris

Fono 'Real Joy' music video

Real Joy (2015)


Director: Simon Cahn

Django Django 'Reflections' music video

Reflections (2015)

Django Django

Mieux 'Rush' music video

Rush (2015)


Yukon Blonde 'Saturday Night' music video

Saturday Night (2015)

Yukon Blonde

Director: Mac Boucher, Gaya Abdalian

Omoide Yaro A Team 'Seoul Band Weekend' music video

Seoul Band Weekend (2015)

Omoide Yaro A Team

Sinead Harnett 'She Ain't Me' music video

She Ain't Me (2015)

Sinead Harnett

INHEAVEN 'SLOW' music video

SLOW (2015)


twenty one pilots 'Stressed Out' music video

Stressed Out (2015)

twenty one pilots

Director: Reel Bear Media

Ouri 'Surreal' music video

Surreal (2015)


Director: Jean-François Sauvé

MIKA 'Talk About You' music video

Talk About You (2015)


Director: KT Auleta

Tori Kelly 'Unbreakable Smile' music video

Unbreakable Smile (2015)

Tori Kelly

Director: Andrew Rose

Phantoms 'Voyeur' music video

Voyeur (2015)


Kev Classik 'What We Deserve' music video

What We Deserve (2015)

Kev Classik

Tobias Jesso Jr. 'Without You' music video

Without You (2015)

Tobias Jesso Jr.

Drew Lustman 'Wolves' music video

Wolves (2015)

Drew Lustman

Emeline 'You' music video

You (2015)


Kehlani 'You Should Be Here' music video

You Should Be Here (2015)


Director: Topshelf Junior

Island Letter 'You Talk Way Too Much' music video

You Talk Way Too Much (2015)

Island Letter