Wage War 'Alive' music video

Alive (2015)

Wage War

Director: Drew Russ

Scratched Glass 'Attic Bed' music video

Attic Bed (2015)

Scratched Glass

Arsenium 'Bella Bella' music video

Bella Bella (2015)


Director: Alexey Golubev

Natalie Prass 'Bird Of Prey' music video

Bird Of Prey (2015)

Natalie Prass

Director: Malia James

Manou 'Celebrate' music video

Celebrate (2015)


Gliss 'Come Back' music video

Come Back (2015)


Kim Ann Foxman 'Creature (a/jus/ted remix edit)' music video

Creature (a/jus/ted remix edit) (2015)

Kim Ann Foxman

Director: Jonathan Turner

Cut Out Club 'Dead Club Med' music video

Dead Club Med (2015)

Cut Out Club

Kiravell 'Delta' music video

Delta (2015)


Elizabeth Rose 'Division' music video

Division (2015)

Elizabeth Rose

Director: Emma Tomelty

Dream on, Dreamer 'Don't Lose Your Heart' music video

Don't Lose Your Heart (2015)

Dream on, Dreamer

Calvin Cardioid 'Everything To Me' music video

Everything To Me (2015)

Calvin Cardioid

Róisín Murphy 'Evil Eyes' music video

Evil Eyes (2015)

Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy 'Evil Eyes' music video

Evil Eyes (2015)

Róisín Murphy

Director: Róisín Murphy

Daria Kulesh 'Fata Morgana' music video

Fata Morgana (2015)

Daria Kulesh

Harrison Brome 'Fill Your Brains' music video

Fill Your Brains (2015)

Harrison Brome

Pyramid 'Film Noir' music video

Film Noir (2015)


Travie McCoy 'Golden' music video

Golden (2015)

Travie McCoy

Director: Leblanc + Cudmore

Moose Blood 'Gum' music video

Gum (2015)

Moose Blood

Taylor Berrett 'Hypnotize Me' music video

Hypnotize Me (2015)

Taylor Berrett

Director: Gus Black

Father John Misty 'I Love You Honeybear' music video

I Love You Honeybear (2015)

Father John Misty

KSHMR 'JAMMU' music video

JAMMU (2015)


Director: Tyler Yee

ZZ Ward 'LOVE 3X' music video

LOVE 3X (2015)

ZZ Ward

Chastity 'Manning Hill' music video

Manning Hill (2015)


Dan Deacon 'Meme Generator' music video

Meme Generator (2015)

Dan Deacon

Director: Monica Mirabile

Corduroi 'Mermaid Island' music video

Mermaid Island (2015)


The Hoo 'New Transition' music video

New Transition (2015)

The Hoo

Sex On Toast 'Oh Loretta' music video

Oh Loretta (2015)

Sex On Toast

Director: Yoav Lester

VI Seconds 'On Everything' music video

On Everything (2015)

VI Seconds

Eddy Lover 'Pareja Imaginaria' music video

Pareja Imaginaria (2015)

Eddy Lover

Sandra Lyng Haugen 'Play My Drum' music video

Play My Drum (2015)

Sandra Lyng Haugen

Director: Mohammed Sarmadawy

Eddy Lover 'Rueda, Rueda' music video

Rueda, Rueda (2015)

Eddy Lover

Henry Green 'Slow' music video

Slow (2015)

Henry Green

Director: Robin Samson

Red House Glory 'So Easy' music video

So Easy (2015)

Red House Glory

Director: Lewis Knaggs, Nicolas Hearst

Will Young 'Thank You' music video

Thank You (2015)

Will Young

Director: Nick Bartleet

GENER8ION 'The New International Sound Pt. II' music video

The New International Sound Pt. II (2015)


Frank Turner 'The Next Storm' music video

The Next Storm (2015)

Frank Turner

Little Hours 'Tired' music video

Tired (2015)

Little Hours

Jeneci 'Um De Nós' music video

Um De Nós (2015)


Tyler Farr 'Withdrawals' music video

Withdrawals (2015)

Tyler Farr

Jessy Lanza 'You Never Show Your Love' music video

You Never Show Your Love (2015)

Jessy Lanza

Ateph Elidja 'Zkhal' music video

Zkhal (2015)

Ateph Elidja