Active Child '1999' music video

1999 (2015)

Active Child

Director: Basak Erol

Eliot Sumner 'After Dark' music video

After Dark (2015)

Eliot Sumner

Director: Flat-e

Kendrick Lamar 'Alright' music video

Alright (2015)

Kendrick Lamar

Director: Colin Tilley

They Might Be Giants 'And Mom and Kid' music video

And Mom and Kid (2015)

They Might Be Giants

Director: Paul Sahre

Gabriel and the Apocalypse 'Beauty Under Glass' music video

Beauty Under Glass (2015)

Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Elliot Moss 'Best Light' music video

Best Light (2015)

Elliot Moss

Director: David Svedosh

MonCherie 'Bittersweet' music video

Bittersweet (2015)


Dallas Smith 'Cheap Seats' music video

Cheap Seats (2015)

Dallas Smith

Jason Derulo 'Cheyenne' music video

Cheyenne (2015)

Jason Derulo

Director: Syndrome

Cut Ribbons 'Clouds' music video

Clouds (2015)

Cut Ribbons

Caravan Palace 'Comics' music video

Comics (2015)

Caravan Palace

Director: Soandsau

I Prevail 'Crossroads' music video

Crossroads (2015)

I Prevail

Pharrell Williams 'Freedom' music video

Freedom (2015)

Pharrell Williams

Director: Paul Hunter

Xenia Ghali 'Get Dirty' music video

Get Dirty (2015)

Xenia Ghali

Director: Sherif Francis

Herewego 'Gravity' music video

Gravity (2015)


Connie Talbot 'Gravity' music video

Gravity (2015)

Connie Talbot

Director: Linda Ludwig, James David Curle

L'aupaire 'I Would Do It All Again' music video

I Would Do It All Again (2015)


Director: Chehad Abdallah, Mario Clement

Eyedress 'Lies Tear Us Apart/When The Planets Align' music video

Lies Tear Us Apart/When The Planets Align (2015)


Director: Julius Valledor

thelxvemovie1080p 'Monster' music video

Monster (2015)


Torrey Tee 'My Life' music video

My Life (2015)

Torrey Tee

Director: Markeda Shorter

Sander van Doorn 'Oh, Amazing Bass' music video

Oh, Amazing Bass (2015)

Sander van Doorn

Director: Andrew Attah

The Kyle Gass Band 'Our Job To Rock' music video

Our Job To Rock (2015)

The Kyle Gass Band

Director: Travis Draft

Lamb Of God 'Overlord' music video

Overlord (2015)

Lamb Of God

Dear Plastic 'Overwinter' music video

Overwinter (2015)

Dear Plastic

Lupa J 'Quiet Here' music video

Quiet Here (2015)

Lupa J

Troy Ave 'Real One' music video

Real One (2015)

Troy Ave

BIGBANG 'Sober' music video

Sober (2015)


Director: Sa Min Han

Once A Tree 'Take Me' music video

Take Me (2015)

Once A Tree

Nothing But Thieves 'Trip Switch' music video

Trip Switch (2015)

Nothing But Thieves

Rob Thomas 'Trust You' music video

Trust You (2015)

Rob Thomas

Director: Phil Harder

Miguel 'WILDHEART Chapter 1: Find What You Love and Let It Kill You' music video

WILDHEART Chapter 1: Find What You Love and Let It Kill You (2015)


Director: Miguel

U.S. Girls 'Woman's Work' music video

Woman's Work (2015)

U.S. Girls

Director: Meg Remy