Vector '8' music video

8 (2015)


Primus 'Candyman' music video

Candyman (2015)


Director: Ivan Landau, Edgar Alvarez, Webster Colcord

Caroline D'Amore 'Come to California' music video

Come to California (2015)

Caroline D'Amore

Stone Cold Fox 'Contagion' music video

Contagion (2015)

Stone Cold Fox

Leah Turner 'Cowboy's Love' music video

Cowboy's Love (2015)

Leah Turner

Panda Bear 'Crosswords' music video

Crosswords (2015)

Panda Bear

Director: Mount Emult

Halo Circus 'Do You Believe In Shame?' music video

Do You Believe In Shame? (2015)

Halo Circus

XOV 'DTTM (Don't Talk To Me)' music video

DTTM (Don't Talk To Me) (2015)


Director: Phil Griffin

Willy William 'Ego' music video

Ego (2015)

Willy William

Katie Keller 'Eller Ik' music video

Eller Ik (2015)

Katie Keller

Director: Jonas Risvig, Frederik Borg

Chvrches 'Empty Threat' music video

Empty Threat (2015)


Director: Austin Peters

PrinceBoom 'Give Them' music video

Give Them (2015)


FEMME 'Gold' music video

Gold (2015)


Director: Sami Abusamra

Newsboys 'Guilty' music video

Guilty (2015)


Pablo Dylan 'Hell On Earth' music video

Hell On Earth (2015)

Pablo Dylan

Shawn Mendes 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' music video

I Know What You Did Last Summer (2015)

Shawn Mendes

Director: Ryan Pallotta

Kalin And Myles 'I See You' music video

I See You (2015)

Kalin And Myles

Director: William Philbin

Josef Johanssón 'Julkort fra?n Va?rby Ga?rd' music video

Julkort fra?n Va?rby Ga?rd (2015)

Josef Johanssón

Director: Gabriel Tiedtke, Josef Johanssón

Dræmings 'Like A Ghost' music video

Like A Ghost (2015)


RÜFÜS 'Like An Animal' music video

Like An Animal (2015)


Sauti Sol 'Live and Die in Afrika' music video

Live and Die in Afrika (2015)

Sauti Sol

Meek Mill 'Lord Knows' music video

Lord Knows (2015)

Meek Mill

Director: Spike Jordan

Breathe Carolina 'More Than Ever' music video

More Than Ever (2015)

Breathe Carolina

Stick To Your Guns 'Nothing You Can Do to Me' music video

Nothing You Can Do to Me (2015)

Stick To Your Guns

Against The Current 'Outsiders' music video

Outsiders (2015)

Against The Current

Director: DJay Brawner

Thomas Arya 'Patah Hati' music video

Patah Hati (2015)

Thomas Arya

Molly Moore 'Peace Of My Heart' music video

Peace Of My Heart (2015)

Molly Moore

The Slow Readers Club 'Plant The Seed' music video

Plant The Seed (2015)

The Slow Readers Club

Director: Jamie Holker

Steve Angello 'Remember' music video

Remember (2015)

Steve Angello

Director: Lance Drake

The Christians 'Rise' music video

Rise (2015)

The Christians

Thomas Arya 'Syahara' music video

Syahara (2015)

Thomas Arya

Gentri 'The Face' music video

The Face (2015)


99 Souls 'The Girl Is Mine' music video

The Girl Is Mine (2015)

99 Souls

Director: Såndl

Disturbed 'The Light' music video

The Light (2015)


Director: Culley Bunker, Craig Bernard

MOTHXR 'Touch' music video

Touch (2015)


Director: Eric Feigenbaum, Jimmy Giannopoulos

Pusha T 'Untouchable' music video

Untouchable (2015)

Pusha T

Director: Harrison Boyce

Will Young 'What The World Needs Now Is Love' music video

What The World Needs Now Is Love (2015)

Will Young

IYVES 'Wilinout' music video

Wilinout (2015)


Fufanu 'Your Collection' music video

Your Collection (2015)


Traffic Lee 'Yup Nope' music video

Yup Nope (2015)

Traffic Lee