Lake Lady 'All Over This Town' music video

All Over This Town (2016)

Lake Lady

RYAN Playground 'Ascension' music video

Ascension (2016)

RYAN Playground

Director: Malo (Silverstag)

KeithCharles Spacebar 'Chillin Killin' music video

Chillin Killin (2016)

KeithCharles Spacebar

Director: James Pereira

Sample Answer 'Collision' music video

Collision (2016)

Sample Answer

Director: PINT

ALA.NI 'Darkness At Noon' music video

Darkness At Noon (2016)


Director: ALA.NI, Dom G H

Viva Non 'DFA' music video

DFA (2016)

Viva Non

Black Cobra 'Eye Among The Blind' music video

Eye Among The Blind (2016)

Black Cobra

Director: Zev Deans

Koloto 'Fay' music video

Fay (2016)


Director: Sabine Volkert

Newsboys 'Hero' music video

Hero (2016)


Vincent Ivos 'High of Late' music video

High of Late (2016)

Vincent Ivos

Erik Sumo Band 'Icy Tower' music video

Icy Tower (2016)

Erik Sumo Band

Director: David Merenyi

Annabel Jones 'IOU' music video

IOU (2016)

Annabel Jones

Auguste 'Kingdom' music video

Kingdom (2016)


Director: Alfonso Coronel

Baby In Vain 'Martha's View' music video

Martha's View (2016)

Baby In Vain

Director: Frederik Valentin

LISHI 'Monster Kids' music video

Monster Kids (2016)


Meg Myers 'Motel' music video

Motel (2016)

Meg Myers

Director: Justin Nolan Key

HNN 'Ni Temporel (La Grande Ville)' music video

Ni Temporel (La Grande Ville) (2016)


Director: David Mozny

Rob Cantor 'Nobody Else Quite Like You' music video

Nobody Else Quite Like You (2016)

Rob Cantor

Director: Randall Maxwell, Rob Cantor

Prince Rama 'Now Is The Time of Emotion' music video

Now Is The Time of Emotion (Version 2) (2016)

Prince Rama

Director: Taraka Larson

Rod Melancon 'Perry' music video

Perry (2016)

Rod Melancon

Director: Christopher Good

Deftones 'Prayers/Triangles' music video

Prayers/Triangles (2016)


Director: Charles Bergquist

Noonie Bao 'Reminds Me' music video

Reminds Me (2016)

Noonie Bao

Director: Sebastian Mlynarski

Almanac 'Self-Blinded Eyes' music video

Self-Blinded Eyes (2016)


Simple Plan 'Singing In The Rain' music video

Singing In The Rain (2016)

Simple Plan

Director: Mark Staubach

James K 'SOKIT to me Baby' music video

SOKIT to me Baby (2016)

James K

Director: James K

Elliphant 'Spoon Me' music video

Spoon Me (2016)


Ninet 'Superstar' music video

Superstar (2016)


Director: Yoni Ronn

Rawfare 'The Bomb' music video

The Bomb (2016)


Director: Sam Lyon

In This Moment 'The Fighter' music video

The Fighter (2016)

In This Moment

Director: Jeremy Saffer, Maria Brink

We The Kings 'The Story Of Tonight' music video

The Story Of Tonight (2016)

We The Kings

Director: Y2K

Bloc Party 'Virtue' music video

Virtue (2016)

Bloc Party