New Release: Clipping "Inside Out" Directed By Carlos Lopez Estrada

Posted by Doug Klinger on September 5, 2014 in New Releases

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“Inside Out” by Clipping is a music video sequel to the band’s last collaboration with director Carlos Lopez Estrada, “Work Work,” which was released back in May. In “Work Work,” Clipping MC Daveed Diggs spends the whole video biting a curb until his head is stomped by featured artist Cocc Pistol Cree near the end, and while Daveed’s head is smashed into pieces as if it were made out of fine China, the video ends with his body wondering off camera. Styled and colored to look identical to “Work Work,” “Inside Out” picks up on a headless Daveed walking through the city. When his verse kicks in, objects begin to emerge from the neck hole of his jacket that correspond with the lyrics. Animals, food, cars, and even other people’s heads at some time or another pop out of Daveed’s neck hole, as his body continues to walk through the city, his arms moving as if he is still delivering lyrics.

While the idea of a headless dude walking through the city is pretty twisted, the effects have a light, almost humorous slant to them that prevent the video from getting too dark. Even when the hook hits and Daveed starts to talk about “murder on the outside,” Carlos and VFX artist Tanner Merrill’s use of a comically large bullet to illustrate it has a great way of taking some of the edge of the lyrics.

”Inside Out” was produced by Sarah Lawson for Doomsday Entertainment and can be found on the album Clppng.

Doug Klinger is the co-founder/content director of IMVDb and watches more music videos than anyone on earth. You can find him on twitter at @doug_klinger.

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