All Music Videos Released in April 2011

My Chemical Romance '#SINGItForJapan' music video

#SINGItForJapan (2011)

My Chemical Romance

Florent Pagny '8ème Merveille' music video

8ème Merveille (2011)

Florent Pagny

Karina Koks '??? ??????' music video

??? ?????? (2011)

Karina Koks

Tom Vek 'A Chore' music video

A Chore (2011)

Tom Vek

Flipsyde 'Act Like A Cop Did It' music video

Act Like A Cop Did It (2011)


Owl City 'Alligator Sky' music video

Alligator Sky (2011)

Owl City

Director: Steve Hoover

Groove Coverage 'Angeline' music video

Angeline (2011)

Groove Coverage

Plies 'Anything For My Niggaz' music video

Anything For My Niggaz (2011)


Christina Perri 'Arms' music video

Arms (2011)

Christina Perri

Director: Sarah Chatfield

Saliva 'Badass' music video

Badass (2011)


Yak Nasty That Nilla 'Bang! Bang!' music video

Bang! Bang! (2011)

Yak Nasty That Nilla

Cascada 'Because The Night' music video

Because The Night (2011)


Florrie 'Begging Me' music video

Begging Me (2011)


Bizarre 'Believer' music video

Believer (2011)


Little Owl 'Black On White' music video

Black On White (2011)

Little Owl

Ronnie Dunn 'Bleed Red' music video

Bleed Red (2011)

Ronnie Dunn

Jonathan Johansson 'Blommorna' music video

Blommorna (2011)

Jonathan Johansson

Plain White T's 'Boomerang' music video

Boomerang (2011)

Plain White T's

Tonight Alive 'Breaking & Entering' music video

Breaking & Entering (2011)

Tonight Alive

Fallingice 'Breathing Machine' music video

Breathing Machine (2011)


EMA 'California' music video

California (2011)


Kimbra 'Cameo Lover' music video

Cameo Lover (2011)


Director: Guy Franklin

One Night Only 'Can You Feel It' music video

Can You Feel It (2011)

One Night Only

The Axis of Awesome 'Can You Hear the Fucking Music Coming Out of My Car?' music video

Can You Hear the Fucking Music Coming Out of My Car? (2011)

The Axis of Awesome

Spose 'Can't Get There From Here' music video

Can't Get There From Here (2011)


Simple Plan 'Can't Keep My Hands Off You' music video

Can't Keep My Hands Off You (2011)

Simple Plan

Director: Frank Borin, Simple Plan

2NE1 'Can't Nobody (English Version)' music video

Can't Nobody (English Version) (2011)


Dom Kennedy 'CDC' music video

CDC (2011)

Dom Kennedy

Esben And The Witch 'Chorea' music video

Chorea (2011)

Esben And The Witch

The Tender Box 'Crashing Down' music video

Crashing Down (2011)

The Tender Box

Brian Haner 'Crazy Bitch' music video

Crazy Bitch (2011)

Brian Haner

Max Pezzali 'Credi' music video

Credi (2011)

Max Pezzali

Death Grips 'Culture Shock' music video

Culture Shock (2011)

Death Grips

Viva Brother 'Darling Buds of May' music video

Darling Buds of May (2011)

Viva Brother

Olivia 'December' music video

December (2011)


Director: Gee-Lock, King Smij

Kate Bush 'Deeper Understanding' music video

Deeper Understanding (2011)

Kate Bush

Jonny & The Snipers 'Destabilise' music video

Destabilise (2011)

Jonny & The Snipers

Federico Leocata 'Die Transzendente Funktion' music video

Die Transzendente Funktion (2011)

Federico Leocata

Emmon 'Distance' music video

Distance (2011)


C Plus 'Do What You Want (Gone)' music video

Do What You Want (Gone) (2011)

C Plus

K.Flay 'Doctor Don't Know' music video

Doctor Don't Know (2011)


James Henry 'Don't Let It Happen' music video

Don't Let It Happen (2011)

James Henry

Arctic Monkeys 'Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair' music video

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair (2011)

Arctic Monkeys

Surrounded By Monsters 'Dr. Phuck' music video

Dr. Phuck (2011)

Surrounded By Monsters

Julien Doré 'EPK' music video

EPK (2011)

Julien Doré