All Music Videos Released in October 2011

Star Fucking Hipsters '9/11 'til Infinity' music video

9/11 'til Infinity (2011)

Star Fucking Hipsters

Cage The Elephant 'Aberdeen' music video

Aberdeen (2011)

Cage The Elephant

Future 'Ain't No Way Around It' music video

Ain't No Way Around It (2011)


Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'AKA...What a Life!' music video

AKA...What a Life! (2011)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Logic 'All I Do' music video

All I Do (2011)


Director: GRVTY

Rival Sons 'All Over The Road' music video

All Over The Road (2011)

Rival Sons

Portugal. The Man 'All Your Light' music video

All Your Light (Animated Version) (2011)

Portugal. The Man

Bring Me The Horizon 'Alligator Blood' music video

Alligator Blood (2011)

Bring Me The Horizon

Carlos Baute 'Amarte bien' music video

Amarte bien (2011)

Carlos Baute

Watsky 'Amazing Grace' music video

Amazing Grace (2011)


Macklemore X Ryan Lewis 'And We Danced' music video

And We Danced (2011)

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis

Director: Ryan Lewis, Griff J

Randi 'Anybody' music video

Anybody (2011)


Alex Beaupain 'Avant la Haine' music video

Avant la Haine (2011)

Alex Beaupain

Julian Lynch 'Back' music video

Back (2011)

Julian Lynch

Clemm Rishad 'Back to the Paper' music video

Back to the Paper (2011)

Clemm Rishad

Russo 'Bad Tonight (Shock One Remix)' music video

Bad Tonight (Shock One Remix) (2011)


Whiskey Myers 'Ballad of a Southern Man' music video

Ballad of a Southern Man (2011)

Whiskey Myers

Speakers 'Bass' music video

Bass (2011)


Jenni Rivera 'Basta Ya (Banda)' music video

Basta Ya (Banda) (2011)

Jenni Rivera

Ya Highness 'Be Alone' music video

Be Alone (2011)

Ya Highness

Duck Sauce 'Big Bad Wolf' music video

Big Bad Wolf (2011)

Duck Sauce

Lindi Ortega 'Black Fly' music video

Black Fly (2011)

Lindi Ortega

Gin Wigmore 'Black Sheep' music video

Black Sheep (2011)

Gin Wigmore

Mastodon 'Black Tongue' music video

Black Tongue (2011)


Hard-Fi 'Bring It On' music video

Bring It On (2011)


Make The Girl Dance 'Broken Toy Boy' music video

Broken Toy Boy (2011)

Make The Girl Dance

Trivium 'Built To Fall' music video

Built To Fall (2011)


Trash Talk 'Burn Alive' music video

Burn Alive (2011)

Trash Talk

Epicc 'By No Means' music video

By No Means (2011)


Despistaos 'Cada dos minutos' music video

Cada dos minutos (2011)


Tang Xiao 'Calling It Off' music video

Calling It Off (2011)

Tang Xiao

They Might Be Giants 'Can't Keep Johnny Down' music video

Can't Keep Johnny Down (2011)

They Might Be Giants

Tony Luck 'Candy Paint Girl' music video

Candy Paint Girl (2011)

Tony Luck

Crystal Fighters 'Champion Sound' music video

Champion Sound (2011)

Crystal Fighters

Jeezy 'Chickens No Flour' music video

Chickens No Flour (2011)


Will Young 'Come On' music video

Come On (2011)

Will Young

Puscifer 'Conditions of My Parole' music video

Conditions of My Parole (2011)


Ameer 'Contact' music video

Contact (2011)


Beyoncé 'Countdown' music video

Countdown (2011)


Director: Adria Petty, Beyoncé

Kamaliya 'Crazy in My Heart' music video

Crazy in My Heart (2011)


Britney Spears 'Criminal' music video

Criminal (2011)

Britney Spears

Director: Chris Marrs Piliero

MC Frontalot 'Critical Hit' music video

Critical Hit (2011)

MC Frontalot

Camo & Krooked 'Cross The Line' music video

Cross The Line (2011)

Camo & Krooked

Danny Firestone 'Crosses' music video

Crosses (Leviathan RMX) (2011)

Danny Firestone

Musteeno 'Cruciverba' music video

Cruciverba (2011)