All Music Videos Released in December 2011

Mariachi El Bronx '48 Roses' music video

48 Roses (2011)

Mariachi El Bronx

Promise 'Against the Odds' music video

Against the Odds (2011)


Juju 'Ajattelutapa' music video

Ajattelutapa (2011)


Big Time Rush 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' music video

All I Want For Christmas Is You (2011)

Big Time Rush

Vé 'All Nighter' music video

All Nighter (2011)

Jake Owen 'Alone With You' music video

Alone With You (2011)

Jake Owen

Landyn Banx 'Another Christmas Alone' music video

Another Christmas Alone (2011)

Landyn Banx

Phil Jones Band 'Are You Aligned?' music video

Are You Aligned? (2011)

Phil Jones Band

Javier Colon 'As Long As We Got Love' music video

As Long As We Got Love (2011)

Javier Colon

Soulja Boy 'Aurora Borealis' music video

Aurora Borealis (2011)

Soulja Boy

Sinik 'Autodestruction' music video

Autodestruction (2011)


KRS-One 'AZTECHNICAL' music video



Margaret Cho 'Baby I'm with the Band' music video

Baby I'm with the Band (2011)

Margaret Cho

Papa Roach 'Before I die' music video

Before I die (2011)

Papa Roach

Trait Razor 'Blackin Out' music video

Blackin Out (2011)

Trait Razor

Lana del Rey 'Born to Die' music video

Born to Die (2011)

Lana del Rey

Director: Yoann Lemoine

Tanya Lacey 'Born to Fly' music video

Born to Fly (2011)

Tanya Lacey

Stuck In The Sound 'Brother' music video

Brother (2011)

Stuck In The Sound

Young Guns 'Brothers In Arms' music video

Brothers In Arms (2011)

Young Guns

Wavves 'Bug' music video

Bug (2011)


Little Mix 'Cannonball' music video

Cannonball (2011)

Little Mix

Lindsey Stirling 'Celtic Carol' music video

Celtic Carol (2011)

Lindsey Stirling

Hopes Die Last 'Chapter Two: Never Trust the Hazel Eyed' music video

Chapter Two: Never Trust the Hazel Eyed (2011)

Hopes Die Last

The Correspondents 'Cheating With You' music video

Cheating With You (2011)

The Correspondents

Quincy (5) 'Christmas Time' music video

Christmas Time (2011)


MaLLy & Sundance Kid 'Cloud Culture' music video

Cloud Culture (2011)

MaLLy & Sundance Kid

Vetta 'Colorblind' music video

Colorblind (2011)


Royel Urban 'Congratulations' music video

Congratulations (2011)

Royel Urban

Mic Righteous 'Crack a Smile' music video

Crack a Smile (2011)

Mic Righteous

Karmin 'Crash Your Party' music video

Crash Your Party (2011)


Director: James Larese

Alek Sandar 'Creature In Me' music video

Creature In Me (2011)

Alek Sandar

Voltaj 'Da vina pe Voltaj' music video

Da vina pe Voltaj (2011)


Erfan 'Daam' music video

Daam (2011)


Plushgun 'Dancing in a Minefield' music video

Dancing in a Minefield (2011)


Slim Chance 'Dearly Departed' music video

Dearly Departed (2011)

Slim Chance

Dawn Of The Maya 'Desolated Cosmos' music video

Desolated Cosmos (2011)

Dawn Of The Maya

Daarchlea 'Dher Phalse Mesaya' music video

Dher Phalse Mesaya (2011)


Marracash 'Didinò' music video

Didinò (2011)


Niki & The Dove 'DJ, Ease My Mind' music video

DJ, Ease My Mind (2011)

Niki & The Dove

Diggy Simmons 'Do It Like You' music video

Do It Like You (2011)

Diggy Simmons

Jessie J 'Domino' music video

Domino (2011)

Jessie J

Director: Ray Kay

Self Animation 'Don't Let Me Down' music video

Don't Let Me Down (2011)

Self Animation

Felix Cartal 'Don't Turn On The Lights' music video

Don't Turn On The Lights (2011)

Felix Cartal

Lonyen 'Einen Stich' music video

Einen Stich (2011)


DeStorm 'Epic wRap' music video

Epic wRap (2011)