Ice Prince 'Aboki' music video

Aboki (2012)

Ice Prince

Morten Winther 'Beat It Tonight' music video

Beat It Tonight (2012)

Morten Winther

Jens Lekman 'Become Someone Else's' music video

Become Someone Else's (2012)

Jens Lekman

Director: Marcus Söderlund

Thaddeus David 'Blank Check' music video

Blank Check (2012)

Thaddeus David

Neozbiljni Pesimisti 'Centrifuga' music video

Centrifuga (2012)

Neozbiljni Pesimisti

Director: Bojan ?uriši?

Yonas 'Don't Give A Damn' music video

Don't Give A Damn (2012)


Director: Nat Prinzi

Awill 'Empirical' music video

Empirical (2012)


Director: Espen Olsen

Shinies 'Ennui' music video

Ennui (2012)


Director: Fabio Youniss

The Mystic Underground 'Evelyn, You'll Be The Death Of Me' music video

Evelyn, You'll Be The Death Of Me (2012)

The Mystic Underground

Sky Ferreira 'Everything is Embarrassing' music video

Everything is Embarrassing (2012)

Sky Ferreira

Director: Grant Singer

No Blitz 'Exception to the Rule' music video

Exception to the Rule (2012)

No Blitz

Heaven's Basement 'Fire, Fire' music video

Fire, Fire (2012)

Heaven's Basement

Director: Michael Maxxis

Stalley 'Fountain Of Youth' music video

Fountain Of Youth (2012)


Director: Dre Films, Kellen Dengler

Vaughn Brian 'Golden Panda' music video

Golden Panda (2012)

Vaughn Brian

Barbra Streisand 'I Think It's Going To Rain Today' music video

I Think It's Going To Rain Today (2012)

Barbra Streisand

Director: Matt Amato

Dizzy Wright 'Independent Living' music video

Independent Living (2012)

Dizzy Wright

Director: Chris Le

Dean Brody 'It's Friday' music video

It's Friday (2012)

Dean Brody

Halleluwah 'K2R' music video

K2R (2012)


Director: Måns Nyman

Taminology 'Kgale Ke Ba Chaela' music video

Kgale Ke Ba Chaela (2012)


Director: Dj Abza

Luke Bryan 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' music video

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2012)

Luke Bryan

Sika 'Labyrinth' music video

Labyrinth (2012)


Director: Michael Beaudry

Bandshell 'Landfill' music video

Landfill (2013)


Director: Nic Hamilton

Nonpoint 'Left For You' music video

Left For You (2012)


Director: Ramon Boutviseth

Solange 'Losing You' music video

Losing You (2012)


Director: Melina Matsoukas

Subdivision 'NIL' music video

NIL (2012)


Jon Bellion 'Paper Planes' music video

Paper Planes (2012)

Jon Bellion

Director: GRVTY

G.BUB 'Public Announcement' music video

Public Announcement (2012)


Zawezo Del 'Patio 'Sacrificio' music video

Sacrificio (2012)

Zawezo Del 'Patio

AU 'Solid Gold' music video

Solid Gold (2012)


Sister Soleil 'Stand for the Silent' music video

Stand for the Silent (2012)

Sister Soleil

Director: Daniel Davison

Bush 'The Afterlife' music video

The Afterlife (2012)


BT 'The Feeling / Coke & Dro' music video

The Feeling / Coke & Dro (2012)


For The Foxes 'The Revolution' music video

The Revolution (2012)

For The Foxes

Director: Marius Ciocirlan, Brian Roth, Shawn Engler

Wonder Villains 'TV' music video

TV (2012)

Wonder Villains

Director: Niall Savage

S.P.Y. 'You' music video

You (2012)