All Music Videos Released in August 2012

China Rats '(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed' music video

(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed (2012)

China Rats

Kaughlin '2 Yung 4 Love' music video

2 Yung 4 Love (2012)


Big Sean '24 Karats of Gold' music video

24 Karats of Gold (2012)

Big Sean

Drontheim '3 lovløse dager' music video

3 lovløse dager (2012)


Jhené Aiko '3:16AM' music video

3:16AM (2012)

Jhené Aiko

Max Pezzali '6/1/sfigato' music video

6/1/sfigato (2012)

Max Pezzali

Kid Koala '8 bit Blues' music video

8 bit Blues (2012)

Kid Koala

Washed Out 'A Dedication' music video

A Dedication (2012)

Washed Out

Superbus (2) 'À la chaîne' music video

À la chaîne (2012)


The Paper Kites 'A Maker Of My Time' music video

A Maker Of My Time (2012)

The Paper Kites

Devil Sold His Soul 'A New Legacy' music video

A New Legacy (2012)

Devil Sold His Soul

Ice Choir 'A Vision Of Hell, 1996' music video

A Vision Of Hell, 1996 (2012)

Ice Choir

FKA Twigs 'Ache (2 of 4)' music video

Ache (2 of 4) (2012)

FKA Twigs

Converge 'Aimless Arrow' music video

Aimless Arrow (2012)


Wisin & Yandel 'Algo Me Gusta de Ti' music video

Algo Me Gusta de Ti (2012)

Wisin & Yandel

Director: Jessy Terrero

The Art of Mourning 'All Hail The Yeti' music video

All Hail The Yeti (2012)

The Art of Mourning

Netra 'All Over Again' music video

All Over Again (2012)


Pigeon 'All That Bad' music video

All That Bad (2012)


Tia London 'All That I Dreamed Of' music video

All That I Dreamed Of (2012)

Tia London

KingTuff 'Alone & Stoned' music video

Alone & Stoned (2012)


Bare 'Altitude' music video

Altitude (2012)


Fat Joe 'Another Round' music video

Another Round (2012)

Fat Joe

Director: Colin Tilley

The 1975 'Antichrist' music video

Antichrist (2012)

The 1975

Vivian Green 'Anything Out There' music video

Anything Out There (2012)

Vivian Green

DLD 'Arsénico' music video

Arsénico (2012)


Oxmo Puccino 'Artiste' music video

Artiste (2012)

Oxmo Puccino

Rell 'Ashes On My Ankles' music video

Ashes On My Ankles (2012)


Ungdomskulen 'Askefast' music video

Askefast (2012)


Olga 'Avalancha de Sonrisas' music video

Avalancha de Sonrisas (2012)


Leonid Agutin 'Ay-ay-ay' music video

Ay-ay-ay (2012)

Leonid Agutin

Parry Gripp 'Baby Bunny' music video

Baby Bunny (2012)

Parry Gripp

Bondax 'Baby I Got That' music video

Baby I Got That (2012)


Ultraísta 'Bad Insect' music video

Bad Insect (2012)


Highly Suspect 'Bath Salts' music video

Bath Salts (2012)

Highly Suspect

Guy Sebastian 'Battle Scars' music video

Battle Scars (2012)

Guy Sebastian

Night Verses 'Be Happy With Yourself, I'm Staying Here In Hell' music video

Be Happy With Yourself, I'm Staying Here In Hell (2012)

Night Verses

Rocky Loves Emily 'Be Mine Tonight' music video

Be Mine Tonight (2012)

Rocky Loves Emily

50 Cent 'Be My Bitch' music video

Be My Bitch (2012)

50 Cent

Boys Like Girls 'Be Your Everything' music video

Be Your Everything (2012)

Boys Like Girls

Mint Condition 'Believe In Us' music video

Believe In Us (2012)

Mint Condition

Nick Camillo 'Beluga' music video

Beluga (2012)

Nick Camillo

Palma Violets 'Best of Friends' music video

Best of Friends (Version 1) (2012)

Palma Violets

Garbage 'Big Bright World' music video

Big Bright World (2012)


Lucy Rose 'Bikes' music video

Bikes (2012)

Lucy Rose

2 Chainz 'Birthday Song' music video

Birthday Song (2012)

2 Chainz

Director: Andreas Nilsson