All Music Videos Released in July 2012

Watsky '100 Words You Could Say Instead of Swag' music video

100 Words You Could Say Instead of Swag (2012)


Lil' Debbie '2 Cups' music video

2 Cups (2012)

Lil' Debbie

Paloma Faith '30 Minute Love Affair' music video

30 Minute Love Affair (2012)

Paloma Faith

Tankard 'A Girl Called Cerveza' music video

A Girl Called Cerveza (2012)


Vinicio Capossela 'Abbandonato (Los ejes de mi carreta)' music video

Abbandonato (Los ejes de mi carreta) (2012)

Vinicio Capossela

Don Broco 'Actors' music video

Actors (2012)

Don Broco

Don Broco 'Actors' music video

Actors (2012)

Don Broco

Miguel 'Adorn' music video

Adorn (2012)


Director: Jason Beattie

DJ Rhiannon 'All The Girls Do It' music video

All The Girls Do It (2012)

DJ Rhiannon

Connor McCarthy 'Alright, You Caught Me' music video

Alright, You Caught Me (2012)

Connor McCarthy

The Overseer 'Amend' music video

Amend (2012)

The Overseer

Mac Miller 'America' music video

America (2012)

Mac Miller

Stone Cold Fox 'American' music video

American (2012)

Stone Cold Fox

Brittany Davis 'Analogy' music video

Analogy (2012)

Brittany Davis

I.P.E.R. 'Ancora in piedi' music video

Ancora in piedi (2012)


Phil Jones Band 'Angels' music video

Angels (2012)

Phil Jones Band

Whiskey Myers 'Anna Marie' music video

Anna Marie (2012)

Whiskey Myers

Justin Bieber 'As Long As You Love Me' music video

As Long As You Love Me (2012)

Justin Bieber

Director: Anthony Mandler

Atlas Genius 'Back Seat' music video

Back Seat (2012)

Atlas Genius

Muck Sticky 'Balloons' music video

Balloons (2012)

Muck Sticky

Brick + Mortar 'Bangs' music video

Bangs (2012)

Brick + Mortar

Keyboard Kid 'BasedExorcism' music video

BasedExorcism (2012)

Keyboard Kid

Bill Fay 'Be At Peace With Yourself' music video

Be At Peace With Yourself (2012)

Bill Fay

Muck Sticky 'Be Heard' music video

Be Heard (2012)

Muck Sticky

Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas 'Beat Down' music video

Beat Down (2012)

Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas

Beast (8) 'Beautiful Night' music video

Beautiful Night (2012)


Bombay Bicycle Club 'Beg' music video

Beg (2012)

Bombay Bicycle Club

Marya Roxx 'Blinded' music video

Blinded (2012)

Marya Roxx

In This Moment 'Blood' music video

Blood (2012)

In This Moment

Director: Robert John Kley

Pink 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' music video

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Version 1) (2012)


Director: Dave Meyers

Elzhi 'Blue Widow' music video

Blue Widow (2012)


Knuckledust 'Bluffs Lies Alibis' music video

Bluffs Lies Alibis (2012)


Snak The Ripper 'Bombay Dreams' music video

Bombay Dreams (2012)

Snak The Ripper

Emergency Room 'Boring Bitches' music video

Boring Bitches (2012)

Emergency Room

OFF! 'Borrow and Bomb/I Got News For You' music video

Borrow and Bomb/I Got News For You (2012)


Liars 'Brats' music video

Brats (2012)


Florence + The Machine 'Breaking Down' music video

Breaking Down (2012)

Florence + The Machine

SertOne 'Breath' music video

Breath (2012)


Asking Alexandria 'Breathless' music video

Breathless (2012)

Asking Alexandria

Jon Lajoie 'Broken-Hearted' music video

Broken-Hearted (2012)

Jon Lajoie

Mr. Vegas 'Bruk It Down / Party Tun Up' music video

Bruk It Down / Party Tun Up (2012)

Mr. Vegas

LoCash Cowboys 'C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.' music video

C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. (2012)

LoCash Cowboys

Timomatic 'Can You Feel It' music video

Can You Feel It (2012)


Jack Beats 'Careless' music video

Careless (2012)

Jack Beats

Omi 'Cheerleader' music video

Cheerleader (2012)