Tigo B '69' music video

69 (2014)

Tigo B

RUMTUM 'Alona' music video

Alona (2014)


Cid Rim 'Animus Anima' music video

Animus Anima (2014)

Cid Rim

Director: Maxime Quoilin

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam 'AUTO' music video

AUTO (2014)

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

Breathe Carolina 'Bang It Out' music video

Bang It Out (2014)

Breathe Carolina

Director: Drew Russ

Barbatuques 'Cheiro Verde' music video

Cheiro Verde (2014)


I Cani 'Corso Trieste' music video

Corso Trieste (2014)

I Cani

Director: Tim Small

Alina Eremia 'Cum se face' music video

Cum se face (2014)

Alina Eremia

Director: IRONIC

Timber Timbre 'Curtains' music video

Curtains (2014)

Timber Timbre

Ben Aqua 'Dark, Dark Day' music video

Dark, Dark Day (2014)

Ben Aqua

Well$ 'Django' music video

Django (2014)


Woo Child 'Don't I' music video

Don't I (2014)

Woo Child

Glitterbug 'Dust' music video

Dust (2014)


Bleech 'Easy Ride' music video

Easy Ride (2014)


Erik Pédurand 'Elle donne' music video

Elle donne (2014)

Erik Pédurand

Director: Matthew Riggieri, Nicholas Kovacic

Raige 'Fuori dal Paradiso' music video

Fuori dal Paradiso (2014)


Garbage 'Girls Talk' music video

Girls Talk (2014)


Director: Sophie Muller

Usher 'Good Kisser' music video

Good Kisser (2014)


Director: Christopher Sims

In The Valley Below 'Hymnal' music video

Hymnal (2014)

In The Valley Below

Kidd Kidd 'I Am' music video

I Am (2014)

Kidd Kidd

Director: Blake Atienza

Sara Bareilles 'I Choose You' music video

I Choose You (2014)

Sara Bareilles

Director: Dennis Liu

Giana Factory 'I live at Night' music video

I live at Night (2014)

Giana Factory

Director: Diana O. Torslov Moller

Jacquees 'IDGAF' music video

IDGAF (2014)


Haley & Michaels 'Just Another Love Song' music video

Just Another Love Song (2014)

Haley & Michaels

Maluma 'La Curiosidad' music video

La Curiosidad (2014)


Director: Luieville

Au Revoir Simone 'More Than' music video

More Than (2014)

Au Revoir Simone

James 'Moving On' music video

Moving On (2014)


Director: Ainslie Henderson

Mike Stud 'Out Here' music video

Out Here (2014)

Mike Stud

Serengeti 'Rib Tips' music video

Rib Tips (2014)


Fugitive 9 'Rituals' music video

Rituals (2014)

Fugitive 9

J.KAS 'Star In The Ghetto' music video

Star In The Ghetto (2014)


X3SR 'Stay With Me' music video

Stay With Me (2014)


Jesse McCartney 'Superbad' music video

Superbad (2014)

Jesse McCartney

Director: Jakob Owens

Mothracide 'Take this Bottle' music video

Take this Bottle (2014)


Bird Call 'Tao Of Love' music video

Tao Of Love (2014)

Bird Call

VenSun 'The Dragon Flies' music video

The Dragon Flies (Disco Fries Remix) (2014)


Zoo Brazil 'The Message' music video

The Message (2014)

Zoo Brazil

Director: DJay Brawner

Robjn 'The Temple' music video

The Temple (2014)


Képzelt Város 'Theodor' music video

Theodor (2014)

Képzelt Város

Mizan 'Thru' music video

Thru (2014)


Rick Ross 'Thug Cry' music video

Thug Cry (2014)

Rick Ross

Director: Dre Films

Pill Wonder 'Wasted By The Screen' music video

Wasted By The Screen (2014)

Pill Wonder

Tommy Lee Sparta 'Whine Up' music video

Whine Up (2014)

Tommy Lee Sparta

Director: Wayne South

Air Review 'Young' music video

Young (2014)

Air Review