Allegaeon '1.618' music video

1.618 (2014)


Director: Deja Low, Lance Rohr

Mike Jay '2 At A Time' music video

2 At A Time (2014)

Mike Jay

Winhill/Losehill 'Aifos' music video

Aifos (2014)


Club Kuru 'All The Days' music video

All The Days (2014)

Club Kuru

The Icypoles 'Babies' music video

Babies (2014)

The Icypoles

Queen Kwong 'Bad Lieutenant' music video

Bad Lieutenant (2014)

Queen Kwong

Ribozyme 'Bronze' music video

Bronze (2014)


Atmosphere 'Camera Thief' music video

Camera Thief (2014)


Director: Andrew Melby

First Aid Kit 'Cedar Lane' music video

Cedar Lane (2014)

First Aid Kit

Director: Neil Krug

SIA 'Chandelier' music video

Chandelier (2014)


Director: SIA, Daniel Askill

Victoria La Mala 'El Corrido Del Amor' music video

El Corrido Del Amor (2014)

Victoria La Mala

ZHU 'Faded' music video

Faded (2014)


Director: ZHU

Leela James 'Fall For You' music video

Fall For You (2014)

Leela James

Nick Checo 'Fight Or Flight' music video

Fight Or Flight (2014)

Nick Checo

Savages 'Fuckers' music video

Fuckers (2014)


Director: Giorgio Testi

Sizzy Rocket 'GIRLS' music video

GIRLS (2014)

Sizzy Rocket

Wye Oak 'Glory' music video

Glory (2014)

Wye Oak

Pearls Negras 'Guerreira' music video

Guerreira (2014)

Pearls Negras

Director: David Alexander, Samuele Apperti, Riccardo Cellottini

Joe Matzzie 'Houndstooth' music video

Houndstooth (2014)

Joe Matzzie

50 Cent 'Irregular Heartbeat' music video

Irregular Heartbeat (2014)

50 Cent

Director: Eif Rivera

Klaus Johann Grobe 'Kothek' music video

Kothek (2014)

Klaus Johann Grobe

Victoria La Mala 'La Cama' music video

La Cama (2014)

Victoria La Mala

Sons & Lovers 'Lover' music video

Lover (2014)

Sons & Lovers

And By Love 'Low' music video

Low (2014)

And By Love

Mt. Royal 'More' music video

More (2014)

Mt. Royal

Victoria La Mala 'Nada Que Ver' music video

Nada Que Ver (2014)

Victoria La Mala

Mind The Gap 'Never Gonna Stop' music video

Never Gonna Stop (2014)

Mind The Gap

David Bisbal 'No Amanece' music video

No Amanece (2014)

David Bisbal

White Hinterland 'No Devotion' music video

No Devotion (2014)

White Hinterland

Rae Sremmurd 'No Flex Zone' music video

No Flex Zone (Version 1) (2014)

Rae Sremmurd

Spanish Gold 'Out On The Street' music video

Out On The Street (2014)

Spanish Gold

Black Bananas 'Physical Emotions' music video

Physical Emotions (2014)

Black Bananas

Escape The Fate 'Picture Perfect' music video

Picture Perfect (2014)

Escape The Fate

Director: Frankie Nasso

The Henry Millers 'Posies' music video

Posies (2014)

The Henry Millers

Mack Wilds 'Remember The Time' music video

Remember The Time (2014)

Mack Wilds

SycAmour 'Renaissance' music video

Renaissance (2014)


Metronomy 'Reservoir' music video

Reservoir (2014)


Director: Daniel Brereton

The Van Houtens 'Robert Downey Jr.' music video

Robert Downey Jr. (2014)

The Van Houtens

Director: &

Chasing Grace 'Run' music video

Run (2014)

Chasing Grace

Director: Rob Savage

Steph Risole 'Stay' music video

Stay (2014)

Steph Risole

Jesse McCartney 'Superbad' music video

Superbad (2014)

Jesse McCartney

Numbers And Letters 'Tell Me' music video

Tell Me (2014)

Numbers And Letters

Bedrdoom 'We All Need Something' music video

We All Need Something (2014)


Director: Roberto Colombo

Maimouna Youssef 'We're Already Royal' music video

We're Already Royal (2014)

Maimouna Youssef

La Femme 'Welcome America' music video

Welcome America (2014)

La Femme

Ivy 'What U Gonna Do' music video

What U Gonna Do (2014)


Francesca Battistelli 'When The Crazy Kicks In' music video

When The Crazy Kicks In (2014)

Francesca Battistelli

Director: Evan Kaufmann

Courtney Love 'You Know My Name' music video

You Know My Name (2014)

Courtney Love

Director: Maximilla Lukacs

Ghost Town 'You're So Creepy' music video

You're So Creepy (2014)

Ghost Town