Anna Lunoe 'All Out' music video

All Out (2014)

Anna Lunoe

Director: Lil Internet

Fifth Harmony 'Bo$$' music video

Bo$$ (2014)

Fifth Harmony

Director: Fatima Robinson

Lunice 'Can't Wait To' music video

Can't Wait To (2014)


Director: Peter Marsden

Knytro 'Capone' music video

Capone (2014)


Kill It Kid 'Caroline' music video

Caroline (2014)

Kill It Kid


AK 'Circles' music video

Circles (2014)


MattyB 'CLAP' music video

CLAP (2014)


Florida Georgia Line 'Dirt' music video

Dirt (2014)

Florida Georgia Line

Director: Nigel Dick

Flosstradamus 'Drop Top' music video

Drop Top (2014)


Director: Nem Perez

Bear's Den 'Elysium' music video

Elysium (2014)

Bear's Den

Director: James Marcus Haney

Lee Paradise 'Farisian' music video

Farisian (2014)

Lee Paradise

Royal Blood 'Figure It Out' music video

Figure It Out (2014)

Royal Blood

Director: Ninian Doff

Roland Tings 'Floating On A Salt Lake' music video

Floating On A Salt Lake (2014)

Roland Tings

Stylophonic 'Girlzzz' music video

Girlzzz (2014)


?eaL 'Home' music video

Home (2014)


White Lung 'In Your Home' music video

In Your Home (2014)

White Lung

Director: Justin Gradin, Ben Jacques

Ásgeir 'King And Cross' music video

King And Cross (Version 2) (2014)


Director: Phil Pinto

Justin Rutledge 'Locked In The Trunk of A Car' music video

Locked In The Trunk of A Car (2014)

Justin Rutledge

Lil Silva 'Mabel' music video

Mabel (2014)

Lil Silva

Director: Laura Coulson

B.o.B 'Many Rivers' music video

Many Rivers (2014)


Director: 1st Impressions

Lumidee 'Mars' music video

Mars (2014)


B.o.B 'Mission' music video

Mission (2014)


Director: Nick May

Three Winans Brothers 'Move In Me' music video

Move In Me (2014)

Three Winans Brothers

The Presets 'No Fun' music video

No Fun (2014)

The Presets

Director: Barnaby Roper

Counting Crows 'Palisades Park' music video

Palisades Park (2014)

Counting Crows

Director: Bill Fishman

The Peak Twins 'Pump Me Up' music video

Pump Me Up (2014)

The Peak Twins

Mike Hawkins 'Revolt' music video

Revolt (2014)

Mike Hawkins

Gene The Southern Child 'Smackman' music video

Smackman (2014)

Gene The Southern Child

Gene The Southern Child 'Split Personality' music video

Split Personality (2014)

Gene The Southern Child

Yemi Alade 'Tangerine' music video

Tangerine (2014)

Yemi Alade

Suffokate 'The Impostor' music video

The Impostor (2014)


Director: Michael Barakat

Handguns 'The Loved Ones Who Hate Us' music video

The Loved Ones Who Hate Us (2014)


The Rationales 'This Morning' music video

This Morning (2014)

The Rationales

Jungle 'Time' music video

Time (2014)


Director: Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Jessie Ware 'Tough Love' music video

Tough Love (2014)

Jessie Ware

Colbie Caillat 'Try' music video

Try (2014)

Colbie Caillat

Director: Roman White

Galvanic Elephants 'We Are Together' music video

We Are Together (2014)

Galvanic Elephants

AER 'Whatever We Want' music video

Whatever We Want (2014)


Director: Jakob Owens

David Douglas 'White Heat Blood' music video

White Heat Blood (2014)

David Douglas

Sonia Khaleel 'Wick' music video

Wick (2014)

Sonia Khaleel