????????? '??????' music video

?????? (2014)


Director: Ievgenii Nozhechkin

Skating Polly 'A Little Late' music video

A Little Late (2014)

Skating Polly

Director: Dave Smith

Motion Device 'A Piece of Rock & Roll ?' music video

A Piece of Rock & Roll ? (2014)

Motion Device

Fujiya & Miyagi 'Acid To My Alkaline' music video

Acid To My Alkaline (2014)

Fujiya & Miyagi

Animal Cloud 'Angel of the Morning' music video

Angel of the Morning (2014)

Animal Cloud

Lost Frequencies 'Are You With Me' music video

Are You With Me (2014)

Lost Frequencies

Phyno 'Authe' music video

Authe (2014)


El Pescao 'Azul y Blanco' music video

Azul y Blanco (2014)

El Pescao

Travis Hayes 'Bath Salts' music video

Bath Salts (2014)

Travis Hayes

Flashlights 'Blue Dream' music video

Blue Dream (2014)


Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders 'Come On Back This Way' music video

Come On Back This Way (2014)

Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders

Director: Alex Smith

Sweet California 'Comprende (It´s Over)' music video

Comprende (It´s Over) (2014)

Sweet California

Far From Alaska 'Deadmen' music video

Deadmen (2014)

Far From Alaska

Kele Okereke 'Doubt' music video

Doubt (2014)

Kele Okereke

Director: Nova Dando

Cate Le Bon 'Duke' music video

Duke (2014)

Cate Le Bon

Gardens of God 'Glu?k' music video

Glu?k (2014)

Gardens of God

Mozart’s Sister 'Good Thing, Bad Thing' music video

Good Thing, Bad Thing (2014)

Mozart’s Sister

Director: Martin and Eva

Glass Animals 'Hazey' music video

Hazey (2014)

Glass Animals

Director: Georgia Hudson

Keaton Henson 'Healah Dancing' music video

Healah Dancing (2014)

Keaton Henson

Director: Keaton Henson, Michael Nunn, William Trevitt

Jules Not Jude 'J' music video

J (2014)

Jules Not Jude

Pentatonix 'La La Latch' music video

La La Latch (2014)


Duologue 'Memex' music video

Memex (2014)


Director: Marshmallow Laser Feast

FaltyDL 'New Haven' music video

New Haven (2014)


Director: Blair Neal, Kyle Macdonald

Andrew Rayel 'One In A Million' music video

One In A Million (2014)

Andrew Rayel

Camila 'Perdón' music video

Perdón (2014)


Director: P.R. Brown

My Brightest Diamond 'Pressure' music video

Pressure (2014)

My Brightest Diamond

Director: Emily Terndrup, Derrick Belcham

The Color Morale 'Prey For Me' music video

Prey For Me (2014)

The Color Morale

The Color Morale 'Prey For Me' music video

Prey For Me (2014)

The Color Morale

Calibre 50 'Qué Tiene De Malo' music video

Qué Tiene De Malo (2014)

Calibre 50

Director: Jesús Tirado

Billon 'Special' music video

Special (2014)


Director: Roboshobo

Newsboys 'That's How You Change The World' music video

That's How You Change The World (2014)


Jhené Aiko 'The Pressure' music video

The Pressure (2014)

Jhené Aiko

Director: Childish Gambino, Calmatic

TOPS 'Way To Be Loved' music video

Way To Be Loved (2014)


Suns 'We Were Kings' music video

We Were Kings (2014)


Camp Lo 'X Seminar' music video

X Seminar (2014)

Camp Lo