Runtown 'Baby Answer' music video

Baby Answer (2014)


Director: Sesan Ogunro

Linnea Olsson 'Breaking and Shaking' music video

Breaking and Shaking (2014)

Linnea Olsson

BRONCHO 'Class Historian' music video

Class Historian (2014)


Director: George Salisbury

Yacht Club 'Cold Wind From Fools' music video

Cold Wind From Fools (2014)

Yacht Club

Megan Nicole 'Electrified' music video

Electrified (2014)

Megan Nicole

Director: Joseph Levi

Garnier 'ENCHANTé' music video

ENCHANTé (2014)


Jjanice+ 'Fleur du De?sert' music video

Fleur du De?sert (2014)


Dead Bronco 'Freight Train' music video

Freight Train (2014)

Dead Bronco

Allegories 'Funny Way of Loving You' music video

Funny Way of Loving You (2014)


Meg Myers 'Go' music video

Go (2014)

Meg Myers

Director: Robert Hales

Girls' Generation-TTS 'Holler' music video

Holler (2014)

Girls' Generation-TTS

Blonde 'I Loved You' music video

I Loved You (2014)


Director: Jack Laurance

Annie Lennox 'I Put A Spell On You' music video

I Put A Spell On You (2014)

Annie Lennox

Director: Natalie Johns, Marc Ritzema

ennui 'Intro' music video

Intro (2014)


Brunettes Shoot Blondes 'Knock Knock' music video

Knock Knock (2014)

Brunettes Shoot Blondes

Director: Brunettes Shoot Blondes

Lil Dicky 'Lemme Freak' music video

Lemme Freak (2014)

Lil Dicky

Director: Tony Yacenda

Breen 'Make Sense' music video

Make Sense (2014)


Bo Keeney 'Middle Class Daydream' music video

Middle Class Daydream (2014)

Bo Keeney

Iron Reagan 'Miserable Failure' music video

Miserable Failure (2014)

Iron Reagan

Director: Whitey McConnaughy

Ryan Adams 'My Wrecking Ball' music video

My Wrecking Ball (2014)

Ryan Adams

Christopher Owens 'Never Wanna See That Look Again' music video

Never Wanna See That Look Again (2014)

Christopher Owens

Director: Focus Creeps

In The Valley Below 'Neverminders' music video

Neverminders (2014)

In The Valley Below

Martyr Defiled 'No Morality' music video

No Morality (2014)

Martyr Defiled

Rae Sremmurd 'No Type' music video

No Type (2014)

Rae Sremmurd

Director: Max Hliva

Half Japanese 'Our Love' music video

Our Love (2014)

Half Japanese

G 'Outer Space' music video

Outer Space (2014)


Director: Mia Lidofsky

NLF3 'Pink renaissance' music video

Pink renaissance (2014)


Motionless In White 'Reincarnate' music video

Reincarnate (2014)

Motionless In White

Suicideyear 'Remembrance' music video

Remembrance (2014)


Baron Blunt 'Sabbath Night' music video

Sabbath Night (2014)

Baron Blunt

Timaya 'Sanko' music video

Sanko (2014)


Tycho 'See' music video

See (Official Performance Cut) (2014)


Director: Bradley G Munkowitz

Anastacia 'Staring At The Sun' music video

Staring At The Sun (2014)


Director: DJay Brawner

Triangle & Seed 'Stay For Love' music video

Stay For Love (2014)

Triangle & Seed

LP 'Tokyo Sunrise' music video

Tokyo Sunrise (2014)


Eden xo 'Too Cool To Dance' music video

Too Cool To Dance (2014)

Eden xo

Director: Sarah McColgan

Interpol 'Twice As Hard' music video

Twice As Hard (2014)


Director: Paul Banks

Resh 'Two Flowers' music video

Two Flowers (2014)


David Strange 'Vitamin Pills' music video

Vitamin Pills (2014)

David Strange

Basement Jaxx 'We Are Not Alone' music video

We Are Not Alone (2014)

Basement Jaxx

Director: Cyrill Oberholzer

VÉRITÉ 'Weekend' music video

Weekend (2014)


Secondcity 'What Can I Do' music video

What Can I Do (2014)


Marnie 'Wolves' music video

Wolves (2014)


Director: Marnie