Sisqó 'A-List' music video

A-List (2014)


Maroon 5 'Animals' music video

Animals (2014)

Maroon 5

Director: Samuel Bayer

April Towers 'Arcadia' music video

Arcadia (2014)

April Towers

Weezer 'Back To The Shack' music video

Back To The Shack (2014)


Director: Warren Fu

Scissors For Lefty 'Bangs & Lashes' music video

Bangs & Lashes (2014)

Scissors For Lefty

Nonpoint 'Breaking Skin' music video

Breaking Skin (2014)


Sleeping Bag 'Chillin'' music video

Chillin' (2014)

Sleeping Bag

ROAMING 'David Barrie' music video

David Barrie (2014)


Gene The Southern Child 'Flo-Town' music video

Flo-Town (2014)

Gene The Southern Child

Haley Bonar 'From A Cage' music video

From A Cage (2014)

Haley Bonar

The Bug 'Function / Void' music video

Function / Void (2014)

The Bug

Fedez 'Generazione Boh' music video

Generazione Boh (2014)


Director: Jacopo Rondinelli

One Night Only 'Get Around to It' music video

Get Around to It (2014)

One Night Only

Director: Pip

Mustard 'Ghetto Tales' music video

Ghetto Tales (2014)


Director: Alex Nazari

Kcee 'Give It To Me' music video

Give It To Me (2014)


TV On The Radio 'Happy Idiot' music video

Happy Idiot (2014)

TV On The Radio

Director: Danny Jelinek

My Friday Slacks 'Help Me Out' music video

Help Me Out (2014)

My Friday Slacks

A War Within 'Holding On' music video

Holding On (2014)

A War Within

Simple Minds 'Honest Town' music video

Honest Town (2014)

Simple Minds

Director: Giorgio Testi

Phresh James 'Indigo' music video

Indigo (2014)

Phresh James

The History Of Apple Pie 'Jamais Vu' music video

Jamais Vu (2014)

The History Of Apple Pie

Andrea Mirò 'L'unico' music video

L'unico (2014)

Andrea Mirò

Kleerup 'Let Me In' music video

Let Me In (2014)


Becky Hill 'Losing' music video

Losing (2014)

Becky Hill

Director: Chris Sweeney

Beatrice Eli 'Moment of Clarity' music video

Moment of Clarity (2014)

Beatrice Eli

Director: Mats Udd

Röyksopp 'Monument' music video

Monument (The Inevitable End Version) (2014)


Aleksandra Mihova 'Nisto Ne Ostana' music video

Nisto Ne Ostana (2014)

Aleksandra Mihova

Exekuter 'No Morals' music video

No Morals (2014)


Young Sam 'No Time' music video

No Time (2014)

Young Sam

The Last Battle 'None Of That' music video

None Of That (2014)

The Last Battle

Ash K 'Nothing' music video

Nothing (2014)

Ash K

Kcee 'Okpekete (Remix)' music video

Okpekete (Remix) (2014)


Chromeo 'Old 45's' music video

Old 45's (2014)


Director: Dugan O'Neal

Victoria Duffield 'Paper Planes' music video

Paper Planes (2014)

Victoria Duffield

Zak Waters 'Pony' music video

Pony (2014)

Zak Waters

Director: Zak Cassar, Jarrad Kritzstein

Tinashe 'Pretend' music video

Pretend (2014)


Director: Jodeb

The Burning Hell 'Professional Rappers' music video

Professional Rappers (2014)

The Burning Hell

Erlend Øye 'Rainman' music video

Rainman (2014)

Erlend Øye

Director: Clara Cebrian

Drift 'Recognize' music video

Recognize (2014)


Homeboy Sandman 'Refugee' music video

Refugee (2014)

Homeboy Sandman

Sam Smith 'Restart' music video

Restart (2014)

Sam Smith

Director: Michael Holyk

MikelWJ 'Rise Above' music video

Rise Above (2014)


Counting Days 'Sands of Time' music video

Sands of Time (2014)

Counting Days

Native Roses 'Shadows (Ambassadeurs Remix)' music video

Shadows (Ambassadeurs Remix) (2014)

Native Roses

Veronika Vesper 'Suffocate' music video

Suffocate (2014)

Veronika Vesper

Soen 'Tabula Rasa' music video

Tabula Rasa (2014)


Director: Kirke Ailio Rodwell

Harrysong 'Taiye Kehinde' music video

Taiye Kehinde (2014)


Sharaya J 'Takin' It No More / Shut it Down' music video

Takin' It No More / Shut it Down (2014)

Sharaya J

Director: Missy Elliott, Steven Pitts, Lisa Cunningham

Natives 'The Horizon' music video

The Horizon (2014)


Mastodon 'The Motherload' music video

The Motherload (2014)


Director: Jonathan Rej, Thomas Bingham

Grace Weber 'Till I Hurt You' music video

Till I Hurt You (2014)

Grace Weber

Scooter 'Today' music video

Today (2014)


CuckooLander 'What's Out There' music video

What's Out There (2014)


Black Crown Initiate 'Withering Waves' music video

Withering Waves (2014)

Black Crown Initiate

Director: Jess Orsburn

Daughter 'Youth (Budo Remix)' music video

Youth (Budo Remix) (2014)


¡Mursday! 'Zones' music video

Zones (2014)