Tyler Carter 'Ain't It Fun' music video

Ain't It Fun (2014)

Tyler Carter

Brian Fresco 'Bae' music video

Bae (2014)

Brian Fresco

Japanese Wallpaper 'Between Friends' music video

Between Friends (2014)

Japanese Wallpaper

Director: Peter Camilleri

Mayaeni 'Black Jeans' music video

Black Jeans (2014)


Freedom Fry 'Blackmailed' music video

Blackmailed (2014)

Freedom Fry

BC Kingdom 'Colours' music video

Colours (2014)

BC Kingdom

Major Myjah 'CRY' music video

CRY (2014)

Major Myjah

Voltaj 'De la capat' music video

De la capat (2014)


Director: Dan Petcan

Years & Years 'Desire' music video

Desire (Version 1) (2014)

Years & Years

Director: Sing J. Lee

Snak The Ripper 'Don't Leave' music video

Don't Leave (2014)

Snak The Ripper

MaLLy 'Everything Else But Me' music video

Everything Else But Me (2014)


Slow Club 'Everything Is New' music video

Everything Is New (2014)

Slow Club

Director: Andrea Sisson, Pete Ohs

Papa Roach 'Face Everything And Rise' music video

Face Everything And Rise (2014)

Papa Roach

Director: Jacoby Shaddix, Ezio Lucido

Tiger Bell 'Get Ready To Go' music video

Get Ready To Go (2014)

Tiger Bell

IYES 'Glow' music video

Glow (2014)


Director: Kenny McCracken

Wedding Dress 'Heirlooms' music video

Heirlooms (2014)

Wedding Dress

Kevin Abstract 'Hell / Heroina' music video

Hell / Heroina (2014)

Kevin Abstract

Director: Tyler Mitchell

Kendrick Lamar 'i' music video

i (2014)

Kendrick Lamar

Director: Alexandre Moors, The Little Homies

Owen Pallett 'In Conflict' music video

In Conflict (2014)

Owen Pallett

Director: Jason Last, Jaime Rubiano

Black Atlass 'Jewels' music video

Jewels (2014)

Black Atlass

Diarrhea Planet 'Kids' music video

Kids (2014)

Diarrhea Planet

Director: Paul Morgan

PHOX 'Leisure' music video

Leisure (2014)


Yesway 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2014)


Aziz The Shake 'Let You Know' music video

Let You Know (2014)

Aziz The Shake

Sebastian Mikael 'Made For Me' music video

Made For Me (2014)

Sebastian Mikael

Hervé 'Money Where Your Mouth Is' music video

Money Where Your Mouth Is (2014)


Director: Dani Deville

Dems 'Muscle Memory' music video

Muscle Memory (2014)


Tantri & Arda 'Pelabuhan Terakhir' music video

Pelabuhan Terakhir (2014)

Tantri & Arda

Skuki 'Peteru' music video

Peteru (2014)


Alice In Chains 'Phantom Limb' music video

Phantom Limb (2014)

Alice In Chains

Director: Roboshobo

Ariel Pink 'Picture Me Gone' music video

Picture Me Gone (2014)

Ariel Pink

Director: Grant Singer

Reeo 'Sakit Hatiku' music video

Sakit Hatiku (2014)


Johnny Hallyday 'Seul' music video

Seul (2014)

Johnny Hallyday

Director: Pierre Rambaldi

Dilated Peoples 'Show Me The Way' music video

Show Me The Way (2014)

Dilated Peoples

Director: Andrew Melby, Evidence

Stray (6) 'Since You've Been Gone' music video

Since You've Been Gone (2014)


Nemanja Radulovic 'Songs My Mother Taught Me' music video

Songs My Mother Taught Me (2014)

Nemanja Radulovic

Director: Boris Seewald

The John Butler Trio 'Spring To Come' music video

Spring To Come (2014)

The John Butler Trio

Requiem 'Sticks and Stones and Her Lovely Bones' music video

Sticks and Stones and Her Lovely Bones (2014)


Pell 'The Never' music video

The Never (2014)


Director: The Greenhouse Collective

Chris Miles 'Time' music video

Time (2014)

Chris Miles

Theophilus London 'Tribe' music video

Tribe (2014)

Theophilus London

Josef Johanssón 'Tysta leken' music video

Tysta leken (2014)

Josef Johanssón

Die Antwoord 'Ugly Boy' music video

Ugly Boy (2014)

Die Antwoord

Director: NINJA

Nurse Novels 'Unbreakable Pocket Comb' music video

Unbreakable Pocket Comb (2014)

Nurse Novels

ROAM 'Warning Sign' music video

Warning Sign (2014)


Karmin 'Yesterday' music video

Yesterday (2014)