Beast (8) '12:30 (New Version)' music video

12:30 (New Version) (2014)


Tim Woulfe 'Abide (Throughout)' music video

Abide (Throughout) (2014)

Tim Woulfe

M-Band 'All Is Love' music video

All Is Love (2014)


Syd Arthur 'Autograph' music video

Autograph (2014)

Syd Arthur

Maini Sorri 'Awoken Heartbroken' music video

Awoken Heartbroken (2014)

Maini Sorri

Taylor Swift 'Blank Space' music video

Blank Space (2014)

Taylor Swift

Director: Joseph Kahn

Los Cadillacs 'Bom Bom' music video

Bom Bom (2014)

Los Cadillacs

Burgundy Blood 'Bury The Fools' music video

Bury The Fools (2014)

Burgundy Blood

Los Cadillacs 'Candela' music video

Candela (2014)

Los Cadillacs

Director: Jessy Terrero

Los Cadillacs 'Como Pudiste' music video

Como Pudiste (2014)

Los Cadillacs

Los Cadillacs 'Como Yo' music video

Como Yo (2014)

Los Cadillacs

Vaselines, The 'Crazy Lady' music video

Crazy Lady (2014)

Vaselines, The

SKYLR 'Devil' music video

Devil (2014)


De Staat 'Down Town (Vinticious Version)' music video

Down Town (Vinticious Version) (2014)

De Staat

Director: Tom Gudde

The Dead Pigeons 'Drunken Banjo' music video

Drunken Banjo (2014)

The Dead Pigeons

Presh 'I No Dey Lie' music video

I No Dey Lie (2014)


I Am Harlequin 'I Was in Love' music video

I Was in Love (2014)

I Am Harlequin

Sleep Party People 'In Another World' music video

In Another World (2014)

Sleep Party People

Director: Ben Andrews

Aristofreeks 'Keep It Movin' music video

Keep It Movin (2014)


Stevan An?elkovi? 'Kišno Leto' music video

Kišno Leto (2014)

Stevan An?elkovi?

Director: Vladimir "LoOney" Markovi?

Project 86 'Knives to the Future' music video

Knives to the Future (2014)

Project 86

Director: Michael Rowley

Broods 'L.A.F' music video

L.A.F (2014)


Director: Jordan Arts

Fergie 'L.A.LOVE (la la)' music video

L.A.LOVE (la la) (2014)


Director: Rich Lee

Rustie 'Lost' music video

Lost (2014)


Director: A Rock

Lenny Kravitz 'New York City' music video

New York City (2014)

Lenny Kravitz

Director: Francesco Carrozzini

Max Frost 'Paranoia' music video

Paranoia (2014)

Max Frost

Director: Jordan Haro

Big Noble 'PEG' music video

PEG (2014)

Big Noble

Director: Travis Robb

Ace Wilder 'Riot' music video

Riot (2014)

Ace Wilder

Director: David Nord

Cancer Bats 'Satellites' music video

Satellites (2014)

Cancer Bats

Color War 'Shapeshifting' music video

Shapeshifting (2014)

Color War

Director: Crystal Moselle

The Away Days 'Sleep Well' music video

Sleep Well (2014)

The Away Days

The Charlatans 'So Oh' music video

So Oh (2014)

The Charlatans

Eli 'Spune' music video

Spune (2014)


Phora 'Stay True' music video

Stay True (2014)


Director: George Orozco

Heaven's Basement 'The Long Goodbye' music video

The Long Goodbye (2014)

Heaven's Basement

Secret Wonder 'There's Love In You' music video

There's Love In You (2014)

Secret Wonder

Fake The Attack 'Through The Trees' music video

Through The Trees (2014)

Fake The Attack

IC3PEAK 'VACUUM' music video

VACUUM (2014)