Giorgio Moroder '74 Is the New 24' music video

74 Is the New 24 (2014)

Giorgio Moroder

Director: Jai Lewis

The Jazz June 'After the Earthquake' music video

After the Earthquake (2014)

The Jazz June

Kamchatka 'Ain't Fallin'' music video

Ain't Fallin' (2014)


Robert Francis 'Baby Was The Devil' music video

Baby Was The Devil (2014)

Robert Francis

Director: Robert Francis

Brushville 'Baby's Got Her Boots On' music video

Baby's Got Her Boots On (2014)


Talos 'Bloom' music video

Bloom (2014)


Director: Brendan Canty, Conal Thomson

Lily & Madeleine 'Can't Admit It' music video

Can't Admit It (2014)

Lily & Madeleine

Director: Luke Tate

Brodinski 'Can't Help Myself' music video

Can't Help Myself (2014)


Director: Megaforce

Celebrine & Alien Delon 'Cellar Door' music video

Cellar Door (2014)

Celebrine & Alien Delon

A Sunny Day In Glasgow 'Crushin'' music video

Crushin' (2014)

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Lane 8 'Diamonds' music video

Diamonds (2014)

Lane 8

Director: Mau Morgó

Kairos 'Dirt & Grit' music video

Dirt & Grit (2014)


Hercules & Love Affair 'Do You Feel The Same?' music video

Do You Feel The Same? (2014)

Hercules & Love Affair

Director: AlexandLiane

Lindsey Stirling 'Dragon Age' music video

Dragon Age (2014)

Lindsey Stirling

Bodega Bamz 'El Rey' music video

El Rey (2014)

Bodega Bamz

Director: Alex F. Ghassan

Saint Pepsi 'Fall Harder' music video

Fall Harder (2014)

Saint Pepsi

Director: Alex Girav

Sequin 'Flamingo' music video

Flamingo (2014)


Hozier 'From Eden' music video

From Eden (2014)


Director: HENRY & SSONG

Self Provoked 'Head On Straight' music video

Head On Straight (2014)

Self Provoked

L.A. Witch 'Heart of Darkness' music video

Heart of Darkness (2014)

L.A. Witch

Director: Arabella Anderson

The Pretty Reckless 'House on a Hill' music video

House on a Hill (2014)

The Pretty Reckless

Hawk 'Hush' music video

Hush (2014)


Ben Howard 'I Forget Where We Were' music video

I Forget Where We Were (2014)

Ben Howard

Ylvis 'Intolerant' music video

Intolerant (2014)


Director: Harald Zwart

Osvaldo Supino 'Livin' Again' music video

Livin' Again (2014)

Osvaldo Supino

Ghosts of Venice 'Make Your Move' music video

Make Your Move (2014)

Ghosts of Venice

Matthew Connor 'Midnight Blue' music video

Midnight Blue (2014)

Matthew Connor

Sama Dams 'My Ears Are Ringing' music video

My Ears Are Ringing (2014)

Sama Dams

Kevin Gates 'Out The Mud' music video

Out The Mud (2014)

Kevin Gates

Deerhoof 'Paradise Girls' music video

Paradise Girls (2014)


Director: Kenichi Iwasa

Palmistry 'Pree' music video

Pree (2014)


iamamiwhoami 'ripple' music video

ripple (2014)


Director: WAVE

Rick Haze 'Sound Killa' music video

Sound Killa (2014)

Rick Haze

Emmy The Great 'Swimming Pool' music video

Swimming Pool (2014)

Emmy The Great

Director: Sebastian Pardo

Willie Nelson 'Talkin' December Day' music video

Talkin' December Day (2014)

Willie Nelson

Blonde Redhead 'The One I Love' music video

The One I Love (2014)

Blonde Redhead

Belle & Sebastian 'The Party Line' music video

The Party Line (2014)

Belle & Sebastian

Owl City 'Tokyo' music video

Tokyo (2014)

Owl City

Angel Olsen 'Windows' music video

Windows (2014)

Angel Olsen

Director: Rick Alverson

Aidonia 'Wuk Off You Gal' music video

Wuk Off You Gal (2014)


Soda Plains 'Æthelflæd' music video

Æthelflæd (2014)

Soda Plains