Thomas Azier '1000 Eyes' music video

1000 Eyes (2014)

Thomas Azier

EMA '3Jane' music video

3Jane (2014)


Director: Jason Lester, Severiano Martinez

Sage 'All I Can Say' music video

All I Can Say (2014)


Bahamas 'All The Time' music video

All The Time (2014)


Director: Scott Kaija

Caloncho 'Bésame Morenita' music video

Bésame Morenita (2014)


Acollective 'BreakApart' music video

BreakApart (2014)


Director: Tal Zagreba, Noam Sharon

The Last Skeptik 'Cheerio' music video

Cheerio (2014)

The Last Skeptik

Petite Noir 'Chess' music video

Chess (2014)

Petite Noir

Director: Cieron Magat

J Fernandez 'Cosmic Was' music video

Cosmic Was (2014)

J Fernandez

Home Travel 'Death Threats' music video

Death Threats (2014)

Home Travel

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'Do The Damage' music video

Do The Damage (2014)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Toby Keith 'Drunk Americans' music video

Drunk Americans (2014)

Toby Keith

Director: Michael Saloman

Divine Paiste 'Dust In The Wild' music video

Dust In The Wild (2014)

Divine Paiste

Tiny Little Houses 'Every man knows his plague; and you are mine' music video

Every man knows his plague; and you are mine (2014)

Tiny Little Houses

Director: Jordan Bond

Kcee 'Fine Face, Part 2' music video

Fine Face, Part 2 (2014)


Atmosphere 'Fortunate' music video

Fortunate (2014)


Director: Dan Monick, Vanessa Joy Smith

Kevin Hearn 'Gallerina' music video

Gallerina (2014)

Kevin Hearn

Gabriel Rios 'Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)' music video

Gold (Thomas Jack Remix) (2014)

Gabriel Rios

Director: WATTS

Nest 'Hands In A Hole' music video

Hands In A Hole (2014)


Paramore 'Hate To See Your Heart Break' music video

Hate To See Your Heart Break (2014)


Director: Chuck David Willis

The Crookes 'Howl' music video

Howl (2014)

The Crookes

Aquilo 'I Gave It All' music video

I Gave It All (2014)


Director: Eoin Glaister

Raz Simone 'Let It Go' music video

Let It Go (2014)

Raz Simone

Director: Xavier Ruffin

Busta Rhymes 'Light Your Ass On Fire' music video

Light Your Ass On Fire (2014)

Busta Rhymes

Birth Of Joy 'Mad Men' music video

Mad Men (2014)

Birth Of Joy

Paper Lions 'My Friend' music video

My Friend (2014)

Paper Lions

Statues 'Oh Precious Commodity' music video

Oh Precious Commodity (2014)


Adria 'Pull Me Under' music video

Pull Me Under (2014)


Phora 'Roll Witchu' music video

Roll Witchu (2014)


Director: George Orozco

Skylar Stecker 'Rooftop' music video

Rooftop (2014)

Skylar Stecker

Director: Mikey Easterling

Juan Magan 'Si no te Quisiera' music video

Si no te Quisiera (2014)

Juan Magan

Fifth Harmony 'Sledgehammer' music video

Sledgehammer (2014)

Fifth Harmony

Director: Fatima Robinson

Palmbomen 'Stock' music video

Stock (2014)


Mogwai 'Teenage Exorcists' music video

Teenage Exorcists (2014)


Sleigh Bells 'That Did It' music video

That Did It (2014)

Sleigh Bells

Director: Grant Singer

Mahaut Mondino 'The Great Elements' music video

The Great Elements (2014)

Mahaut Mondino

Rae Morris 'Under The Shadows' music video

Under The Shadows (2014)

Rae Morris

Director: Alex Southam

RL Grime 'Valhalla' music video

Valhalla (2014)

RL Grime

Director: David Rudnick

Liam Bailey 'Villain' music video

Villain (2014)

Liam Bailey

Director: Max & Dania

Jake Owen 'What We Ain't Got' music video

What We Ain't Got (2014)

Jake Owen

Mallory Knox 'When Are We Waking Up?' music video

When Are We Waking Up? (2014)

Mallory Knox

Director: Tim Fox