Somegirlnamedanna 'Abandonment' music video

Abandonment (2020)


Director: Lillie Wojcik

The Pretty Reckless 'Broomsticks' music video

Broomsticks (2020)

The Pretty Reckless

Amy Shark 'C'MON' music video

C'MON (2020)

Amy Shark

Director: James Chappell

Finneas 'Can't Wait To Be Dead' music video

Can't Wait To Be Dead (2020)


Director: Constellation Jones

Andrea Russett 'Darkest Hour' music video

Darkest Hour (2020)

Andrea Russett

Dream Nails 'DIY' music video

DIY (2020)

Dream Nails

Midnight Sister 'Doctor Says' music video

Doctor Says (2020)

Midnight Sister

Director: Juliana Giraffe, Nicky Giraffe

Babygirl 'Easy' music video

Easy (2020)


Machine Gun Kelly 'forget me too' music video

forget me too (2020)

Machine Gun Kelly

Director: Philip Andelman

The Staves 'Good Woman' music video

Good Woman (2020)

The Staves

Kelsy Karter 'Goodness Gracious' music video

Goodness Gracious (2020)

Kelsy Karter

Smerz 'I Don't Talk About That Much / Hva Hvis' music video

I Don't Talk About That Much / Hva Hvis (2020)


Director: Benjamin Barron

Car Astor 'I'm Scared For The Day That I Meet Her' music video

I'm Scared For The Day That I Meet Her (2020)

Car Astor

Chelsea Wolfe 'In Heaven' music video

In Heaven (2020)

Chelsea Wolfe

Director: Kristin Cofer

Jack Rua 'Isolation' music video

Isolation (2020)

Jack Rua

Sen Morimoto 'Jupiter' music video

Jupiter (2020)

Sen Morimoto

XIX 'Kismet' music video

Kismet (2020)


Director: Mezzy

Chester Watson 'Life Wrote Itself' music video

Life Wrote Itself (2020)

Chester Watson

RAINSFORD 'Love Me Like You Hate Me' music video

Love Me Like You Hate Me (2020)


Tokio Hotel 'Monsoon 2020' music video

Monsoon 2020 (2020)

Tokio Hotel

Director: Kris Moyes

Magdalena Bay 'Sky2Fall' music video

Sky2Fall (2020)

Magdalena Bay

Hot Chip 'Straight To The Morning' music video

Straight To The Morning (2020)

Hot Chip

Director: RÉALITÉ

Maria Isabel 'Stuck In The Sky' music video

Stuck In The Sky (2020)

Maria Isabel

Director: Yavez Anthonio

Bring Me The Horizon 'Teardrops' music video

Teardrops (2020)

Bring Me The Horizon

Director: Oliver Sykes

Tele Novella 'Technicolor Town' music video

Technicolor Town (2020)

Tele Novella

Director: Vanessa Pla

Skylar Grey 'The Devil Made Me Do It' music video

The Devil Made Me Do It (2020)

Skylar Grey

Lupa J 'This Suburb' music video

This Suburb (2020)

Lupa J

The Weeknd 'Too Late' music video

Too Late (2020)

The Weeknd

Director: Cliqua

Jack Harlow 'Tyler Herro' music video

Tyler Herro (2020)

Jack Harlow

Coco Bans 'What Did You Say' music video

What Did You Say (2020)

Coco Bans

Director: Iris Dracos, Dylan Jolly

Madisyn Gifford 'Without You' music video

Without You (2020)

Madisyn Gifford

Director: Zachary Vague

Zara Larsson 'WOW' music video

WOW (2020)

Zara Larsson

Director: Emil Nava