All Music Videos Released in May 2020

Yungeen Ace '400 Shots' music video

400 Shots (2020)

Yungeen Ace

Agust D 'A Bad Blow' music video

A Bad Blow (2020)

Agust D

Director: Yong Seok Choi

OK Go 'All Together Now' music video

All Together Now (2020)


Waze & Odyssey 'Always' music video

Always (2020)

Waze & Odyssey

Rod Wave 'And I Still' music video

And I Still (2020)

Rod Wave

Director: Brett Arndt

jxdn 'Angels & Demons' music video

Angels & Demons (2020)


Director: Ari Nissenbaum

Residente 'Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe' music video

Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe (2020)


Director: René Pérez Joglar

JAWNY 'Anything You Want' music video

Anything You Want (2020)


Alex Velea 'Arde-ma Baby' music video

Arde-ma Baby (2020)

Alex Velea

Director: Ciolpan Gabriel

Lo stato sociale 'AutocertifiCanzone' music video

AutocertifiCanzone (2020)

Lo stato sociale

Brandy 'Baby Mama' music video

Baby Mama (2020)


Rina Sawayama 'Bad Friend' music video

Bad Friend (2020)

Rina Sawayama

Teyana Taylor 'Bare Wit Me' music video

Bare Wit Me (2020)

Teyana Taylor

Breakbot 'Be Mine Tonight' music video

Be Mine Tonight (2020)


Chadia Rodriguez 'Bella Così' music video

Bella Così (2020)

Chadia Rodriguez

Director: Fabrizio Conte

OneRepublic 'Better Days - Giorni Migliori' music video

Better Days - Giorni Migliori (2020)


Machine Gun Kelly 'Bloody Valentine' music video

Bloody Valentine (2020)

Machine Gun Kelly

Director: Michael Garcia

Dua Lipa 'Break My Heart' music video

Break My Heart (Version 2) (2020)

Dua Lipa

Little Mix 'Break Up Song' music video

Break Up Song (2020)

Little Mix

Director: Zac Ella

Joshua Speers 'Can I Fall In Love With A Broken Heart' music video

Can I Fall In Love With A Broken Heart (2020)

Joshua Speers

KSI 'Cap' music video

Cap (2020)


Cher 'Chiquitita' music video

Chiquitita (2020)


Charli XCX 'claws' music video

claws (2020)

Charli XCX

ONR 'Crash Landing' music video

Crash Landing (2020)


Famous Ocean & KungFu 'Crop Top' music video

Crop Top (2020)

Famous Ocean & KungFu

Chimbala 'Cuarentena' music video

Cuarentena (2020)


Katy Perry 'Daisies' music video

Daisies (Version 1) (2020)

Katy Perry

Director: Liza Voloshin

Dark Polo Gang 'DARK' music video

DARK (2020)

Dark Polo Gang

Hayley Wiliams 'Dead Horse' music video

Dead Horse (2020)

Hayley Wiliams

Ketama126 'DIABLO' music video

DIABLO (2020)


Chloe x Halle 'Do It' music video

Do It (2020)

Chloe x Halle

Men I Trust 'Dorian' music video

Dorian (2020)

Men I Trust

Glass Animals 'Dreamland' music video

Dreamland (2020)

Glass Animals

Justin Bieber 'E.T.A.' music video

E.T.A. (Version 2) (2020)

Justin Bieber

IU 'eight' music video

eight (2020)


Lauv 'El Tejano' music video

El Tejano (2020)


Khalid 'Eleven' music video

Eleven (2020)


Within Temptation 'Entertain You' music video

Entertain You (2020)

Within Temptation

Alien Ant Farm 'Everything She Wants' music video

Everything She Wants (2020)

Alien Ant Farm

Aurora 'Exist For Love' music video

Exist For Love (2020)


G Herbo 'Friends & Foes' music video

Friends & Foes (2020)

G Herbo

Rod Wave 'Girl Of My Dreams' music video

Girl Of My Dreams (2020)

Rod Wave

Director: Brett Arndt

6IX9INE 'GOOBA' music video

GOOBA (2020)


Director: David Wept, 6IX9INE, CanonF8

Elodie 'Guaranà' music video

Guaranà (2020)


Director: Attilio Cusani

The 1975 'Guys' music video

Guys (2020)

The 1975