All Music Videos Released in February 2010

Paolo Nutini '10/10' music video

10/10 (2010)

Paolo Nutini

Lazarus A.D. 'Absolute Power' music video

Absolute Power (2010)

Lazarus A.D.

Elisa 'Anche se non trovi le parole' music video

Anche se non trovi le parole (2010)


DevilDriver 'Another Night In London' music video

Another Night In London (2010)


Isbells 'As Long As It Takes' music video

As Long As It Takes (2010)


Luis Fonsi 'Aunque Estes Con El' music video

Aunque Estes Con El (2010)

Luis Fonsi

Gabriella Cilmi 'Awkward Game' music video

Awkward Game (2010)

Gabriella Cilmi

Evil Scarecrow 'Blacken The Everything' music video

Blacken The Everything (2010)

Evil Scarecrow

Coldwater Jane 'Bring On The Love' music video

Bring On The Love (2010)

Coldwater Jane

Donots 'Calling' music video

Calling (2010)


Jesse & Joy 'Chocolate' music video

Chocolate (2010)

Jesse & Joy

SSION 'Clown' music video

Clown (2010)


Alex Ubago 'Dame tu aire' music video

Dame tu aire (2010)

Alex Ubago

Hyro Da Hero 'Dirty South Rock' music video

Dirty South Rock (2010)

Hyro Da Hero

Larry Hernández 'Division MP' music video

Division MP (2010)

Larry Hernández

The Main Drag 'Dove Nets' music video

Dove Nets (2010)

The Main Drag

Poets Of The Fall 'Dreaming Wide Awake' music video

Dreaming Wide Awake (2010)

Poets Of The Fall

Director: Oskari Sipola

Jamie T 'Emily's Heart' music video

Emily's Heart (2010)

Jamie T

K. Sparks 'EPK' music video

EPK (2010)

K. Sparks

JLS 'Everybody in Love' music video

Everybody in Love (2010)


Melissa Etheridge 'Fearless Love' music video

Fearless Love (2010)

Melissa Etheridge

Eli 'Fiecare face ce vrea' music video

Fiecare face ce vrea (2010)


Director: George Hora

Jon Scott 'Give Me A Call' music video

Give Me A Call (2010)

Jon Scott

Vampire Weekend 'Giving Up The Gun' music video

Giving Up The Gun (2010)

Vampire Weekend

Director: The Malloys

Jónsi (2) 'Go Do' music video

Go Do (2010)


Nico Vega 'Gravity' music video

Gravity (Version 2) (2010)

Nico Vega

Ledisi 'Higher Than This' music video

Higher Than This (2010)


Get Busy Committee 'I Don't Care About You' music video

I Don't Care About You (2010)

Get Busy Committee

Rabbit! 'I Gotta Feeling' music video

I Gotta Feeling (2010)


Tyga 'I'm So Raw' music video

I'm So Raw (2010)


Director: Alex Nazari

Joel Alme 'If You Got Somebody Waiting' music video

If You Got Somebody Waiting (2010)

Joel Alme

Headcharger 'Intoxicated' music video

Intoxicated (2010)


Robert Francis 'Junebug' music video

Junebug (2010)

Robert Francis

Director: Jeff Coffman

PG 'Lady' music video

Lady (2010)


JJ 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2010)


Shaimus 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2010)


Missy Crissy 'Let Your Love Out' music video

Let Your Love Out (2010)

Missy Crissy

Rachel Goodrich 'Light Bulb' music video

Light Bulb (2010)

Rachel Goodrich

Blood Red Shoes 'Light It Up' music video

Light It Up (2010)

Blood Red Shoes

Bob Sinclar 'Love Me No More' music video

Love Me No More (2010)

Bob Sinclar

Spiral Beach 'May Go Round' music video

May Go Round (2010)

Spiral Beach

David Guetta 'Memories' music video

Memories (2010)

David Guetta

Director: Keith Schofield

Noel Schajris 'Momentos' music video

Momentos (2010)

Noel Schajris

Arielle Paige 'Money Don’t Make A Difference' music video

Money Don’t Make A Difference (2010)

Arielle Paige

Margaret Cho 'My Lil Wayne' music video

My Lil Wayne (2010)

Margaret Cho