All Music Videos Released in October 2010

Alexis Weak '112' music video

112 (2010)

Alexis Weak

Direc?ia 5 'Ai un loc' music video

Ai un loc (2010)

Direc?ia 5

Bow Wow 'Ain't Thinkin Bout You' music video

Ain't Thinkin Bout You (2010)

Bow Wow

Director: Colin Tilley

Kevin Greenspon 'Already Dead' music video

Already Dead (2010)

Kevin Greenspon

Subcarpa?i 'Am crescut pe la Roman?' music video

Am crescut pe la Roman? (2010)


Sean Ensign 'Amazing' music video

Amazing (2010)

Sean Ensign

Thompson Square 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not' music video

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not (2010)

Thompson Square

Milow 'Ayo Technology' music video

Ayo Technology (2010)


Geneva Jacuzzi 'Bad Moods' music video

Bad Moods (2010)

Geneva Jacuzzi

Hankat 'Be The First' music video

Be The First (2010)


Bloom 06 'Beats And Sweat' music video

Beats And Sweat (2010)

Bloom 06

Jennifer Paige 'Beautiful Lie' music video

Beautiful Lie (2010)

Jennifer Paige

Freemasons 'Believer' music video

Believer (2010)


OFF! 'Black Thoughts' music video

Black Thoughts (2010)


One Call 'BlackLight' music video

BlackLight (2010)

One Call

We Are The In Crowd 'Both Sides Of The Story' music video

Both Sides Of The Story (2010)

We Are The In Crowd

Martin Solveig 'Boys & Girls' music video

Boys & Girls (2010)

Martin Solveig

Nipsey Hussle 'Bullets Ain't Got No Names' music video

Bullets Ain't Got No Names (2010)

Nipsey Hussle

Dyland & Lenny 'Caliente' music video

Caliente (2010)

Dyland & Lenny

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica 'Cara Catastrofe' music video

Cara Catastrofe (2010)

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica

El Pescao 'Castillo De Arena' music video

Castillo De Arena (2010)

El Pescao

Gatekeeper 'Chains' music video

Chains (2010)


Dave East 'Cold World' music video

Cold World (2010)

Dave East

Lemaitre 'Come Again' music video

Come Again (2010)


Zion y Lennox 'Como Curar' music video

Como Curar (2010)

Zion y Lennox

Emma Marrone 'Con le nuvole' music video

Con le nuvole (2010)

Emma Marrone

Gwyneth Paltrow 'Country Strong' music video

Country Strong (2010)

Gwyneth Paltrow

Orianthi 'Courage' music video

Courage (2010)


Immanuel Casto 'Crash' music video

Crash (2010)

Immanuel Casto

Kurt Baker 'Cruel To Be Kind' music video

Cruel To Be Kind (2010)

Kurt Baker

Valencia 'Dancing With a Ghost' music video

Dancing With a Ghost (2010)


Johnossi 'Dead End' music video

Dead End (2010)


Painted for War 'Defaced' music video

Defaced (2010)

Painted for War

Enter Shikari 'Destabilise' music video

Destabilise (2010)

Enter Shikari

New Politics 'Dignity' music video

Dignity (2010)

New Politics

Ab-Soul 'Drift Away' music video

Drift Away (2010)


Ania Soul 'Eagle' music video

Eagle (2010)

Ania Soul

Chapel Club 'Eastern Girls' music video

Eastern Girls (2010)

Chapel Club

Alexander Rybak 'Europe's Skies' music video

Europe's Skies (2010)

Alexander Rybak

Lissie 'Everywhere I Go' music video

Everywhere I Go (2010)


Katy Perry 'Firework' music video

Firework (2010)

Katy Perry

Director: Dave Meyers

Forget Tomorrow 'Footprints Set In Stone' music video

Footprints Set In Stone (2010)

Forget Tomorrow

Nelly Furtado 'Fuerte' music video

Fuerte (Original English Version) (2010)

Nelly Furtado

Josh Kelley 'Georgia Clay' music video

Georgia Clay (2010)

Josh Kelley

Jessica Mauboy 'Get 'Em Girls' music video

Get 'Em Girls (2010)

Jessica Mauboy