All Music Videos Released in August 2010

Jay Sean '2012 (It Ain't The End)' music video

2012 (It Ain't The End) (2010)

Jay Sean

British India '90 Ways to Leave Your Lover' music video

90 Ways to Leave Your Lover (2010)

British India

Jadakiss 'All Falls Down' music video

All Falls Down (2010)


Ace of Base 'All For You' music video

All For You (2010)

Ace of Base

Dan Black 'Alone' music video

Alone (2010)

Dan Black

Jónsi (2) 'Animal Arithmetic' music video

Animal Arithmetic (2010)


Scissor Sisters 'Any Which Way' music video

Any Which Way (2010)

Scissor Sisters

Director: Ace Norton

Depresszió 'Az én játékszabályom' music video

Az én játékszabályom (2010)


The Crookes 'Backstreet Lovers' music video

Backstreet Lovers (2010)

The Crookes

Interpol 'Barricade' music video

Barricade (2010)


Director: Moh Azima

Goldfrapp 'Believer' music video

Believer (2010)


Harper Simon 'Berkeley Girl' music video

Berkeley Girl (2010)

Harper Simon

Gucci Mane 'Boy From The Block' music video

Boy From The Block (2010)

Gucci Mane

Calle 13 'Calma Pueblo' music video

Calma Pueblo (2010)

Calle 13

Dee-1 'Cherries & Strawberries' music video

Cherries & Strawberries (2010)


Stan Walker 'Choose You' music video

Choose You (2010)

Stan Walker

MGMT 'Congratulations' music video

Congratulations (2010)


Director: Tom Kuntz

Of Montreal 'Coquet Coquette' music video

Coquet Coquette (2010)

Of Montreal

Ólöf Arnalds 'Crazy Car' music video

Crazy Car (2010)

Ólöf Arnalds

Nasty Playaz 'Da Way We Play' music video

Da Way We Play (2010)

Nasty Playaz

Iwrestledabearonce 'Danger In The Manger' music video

Danger In The Manger (2010)


One Night Only 'Daydream' music video

Daydream (2010)

One Night Only

Black Milk 'Deadly Medley' music video

Deadly Medley (2010)

Black Milk

Blood On The Dance Floor 'Death to Your Heart' music video

Death to Your Heart (2010)

Blood On The Dance Floor

Familjen 'Det var jag' music video

Det var jag (2010)


Mac Miller 'Don't Mind If I Do' music video

Don't Mind If I Do (2010)

Mac Miller

The Drums 'Down by the Water' music video

Down by the Water (2010)

The Drums

Exodus (6) 'Downfall' music video

Downfall (2010)


Lazerbeak 'Dream Team' music video

Dream Team (2010)


Ratatat 'Drugs' music video

Drugs (2010)


Margaret Cho 'Eat Shit and Die' music video

Eat Shit and Die (2010)

Margaret Cho

Die Antwoord 'Enter The Ninja' music video

Enter The Ninja (2010)

Die Antwoord

Director: Rob Malpage, NINJA

Wisin & Yandel 'Estoy Enamorado' music video

Estoy Enamorado (2010)

Wisin & Yandel

Halestorm 'Familiar Taste of Poison' music video

Familiar Taste of Poison (2010)


Director: Jeremy Alter

Standard Thompson 'Fireworks' music video

Fireworks (2010)

Standard Thompson

Christopher Willits 'Flowers Into Dust' music video

Flowers Into Dust (2010)

Christopher Willits

Monster High 'Fright Song' music video

Fright Song (2010)

Monster High

Director: Nigel Dick

Nico Vega 'Gravity' music video

Gravity (Version 1) (2010)

Nico Vega

Anarbor 'Gypsy Woman' music video

Gypsy Woman (2010)


Phil Collins 'Heatwave' music video

Heatwave (2010)

Phil Collins

Phil Collins 'Heatwave' music video

Heatwave (2010)

Phil Collins

Nick Finochio 'Hold On Tight' music video

Hold On Tight (2010)

Nick Finochio

Jazmine Sullivan 'Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)' music video

Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles) (2010)

Jazmine Sullivan

These New Puritans 'Hologram' music video

Hologram (2010)

These New Puritans

Sonyae Elise 'Human Error' music video

Human Error (2010)

Sonyae Elise