All Music Videos Released in June 2010

Inna '10 Minutes' music video

10 Minutes (2010)


Hot Hot Heat '21 @ 12' music video

21 @ 12 (2010)

Hot Hot Heat

Kelis '4th Of July (Fireworks)' music video

4th Of July (Fireworks) (2010)


Gucci Mane '911 Emergency' music video

911 Emergency (2010)

Gucci Mane

Lady Gaga 'Alejandro' music video

Alejandro (2010)

Lady Gaga

Director: Steven Klein

Kylie Minogue 'All the Lovers' music video

All the Lovers (2010)

Kylie Minogue

Director: Joseph Kahn

Metric 'All Yours' music video

All Yours (2010)


Graffiti6 'Annie You Save Me' music video

Annie You Save Me (2010)


The Chemical Brothers 'Another World' music video

Another World (2010)

The Chemical Brothers

B. Reith 'Antidote' music video

Antidote (2010)

B. Reith

Linea 77 'Aspettando meteoriti' music video

Aspettando meteoriti (2010)

Linea 77

The Gleam 'Away Like a Song' music video

Away Like a Song (2010)

The Gleam

Five Finger Death Punch 'Bad Company' music video

Bad Company (2010)

Five Finger Death Punch

Fugative 'Bad Girl' music video

Bad Girl (2010)


Mark Ronson 'Bang Bang Bang' music video

Bang Bang Bang (2010)

Mark Ronson

Broadway Calls 'Basement Royalty' music video

Basement Royalty (2010)

Broadway Calls

Radio Killer 'Be Free' music video

Be Free (2010)

Radio Killer

Jay Rock 'Big Pay Back' music video

Big Pay Back (2010)

Jay Rock

Fantasia 'Bittersweet' music video

Bittersweet (2010)


Director: Lenny Bass

The Summer Set 'Boys You Do (Get Back At You)' music video

Boys You Do (Get Back At You) (2010)

The Summer Set

Katy Perry 'California Gurls' music video

California Gurls (2010)

Katy Perry

Director: Mathew Cullen

Hornsman Coyote 'Can I Start?' music video

Can I Start? (2010)

Hornsman Coyote

Brutha 'Can't Get Enough' music video

Can't Get Enough (2010)


Paramore 'Careful' music video

Careful (2010)


Director: Brandon Chesbro

Brian McFadden 'Chemical Rush' music video

Chemical Rush (2010)

Brian McFadden

The Hoosiers 'Choices' music video

Choices (2010)

The Hoosiers

30 Seconds To Mars 'Closer To The Edge' music video

Closer To The Edge (2010)

30 Seconds To Mars

Director: Jared Leto

Kelly Rowland 'Commander' music video

Commander (2010)

Kelly Rowland

Director: Muto Masashi

John Rich 'Country Done Come To Town' music video

Country Done Come To Town (2010)

John Rich

The New Pornographers 'Crash Years' music video

Crash Years (2010)

The New Pornographers

TOBACCO 'Creepy Phone Calls' music video

Creepy Phone Calls (2010)


Detuned Kytes 'Crush You' music video

Crush You (2010)

Detuned Kytes

Young Guns 'Crystal Clear' music video

Crystal Clear (2010)

Young Guns

Woods 'Death Rattles' music video

Death Rattles (2010)


Soilwork 'Deliverance Is Mine' music video

Deliverance Is Mine (2010)


Kreator 'Destroy What Destroys You' music video

Destroy What Destroys You (2010)


Billy Talent 'Diamond On A Landmine' music video

Diamond On A Landmine (2010)

Billy Talent

The Chemical Brothers 'Dissolve' music video

Dissolve (2010)

The Chemical Brothers

Alex Velea 'Doamna mea' music video

Doamna mea (2010)

Alex Velea

Alex Velea 'Doar ea' music video

Doar ea (Version 1) (2010)

Alex Velea

Judy Mooch 'Doctor Doctor' music video

Doctor Doctor (2010)

Judy Mooch

The Onez 'Don't Stop' music video

Don't Stop (2010)

The Onez

Bliss n Eso 'Down by the River' music video

Down by the River (2010)

Bliss n Eso

Alex Velea 'Dragoste la prima vedere' music video

Dragoste la prima vedere (2010)

Alex Velea

Aventura 'El Malo' music video

El Malo (2010)


Director: Pablo Croce