Pearl and the Beard '40K' music video

40K (2012)

Pearl and the Beard

Director: Jessi Southern

6 Ward Pook 'Baby Mama Pu$$y' music video

Baby Mama Pu$$y (2012)

6 Ward Pook

Metric 'Breathing Underwater' music video

Breathing Underwater (2012)


Director: Lauren Graham

Pentatonix 'Carol Of The Bells' music video

Carol Of The Bells (2012)


Dawn McCarthy 'Christmas Eve Can Kill You' music video

Christmas Eve Can Kill You (2012)

Dawn McCarthy

Director: Lara Miranda

Kid Rock 'Cucci Galore' music video

Cucci Galore (2012)

Kid Rock

Director: Jameson Stafford

Ylvis 'Da vet du at det er Jul' music video

Da vet du at det er Jul (2012)


Director: Ole Martin Hafsmo

The Cab 'Endlessly' music video

Endlessly (2012)

The Cab

Director: Elliott Sellers

Hudson Thames 'Fall Through' music video

Fall Through (2012)

Hudson Thames

Director: Sean Willis

Toffler 'Fog at Dawn' music video

Fog at Dawn (2012)


Merz 'Goodbye My Chomera' music video

Goodbye My Chomera (2012)


Director: Ben Turner, Pascal Bideau

Theo Katzman 'Hard For You' music video

Hard For You (2012)

Theo Katzman

Director: Liann Kaye

Kathy Mattea 'Hello, My Name Is Coal' music video

Hello, My Name Is Coal (2012)

Kathy Mattea

Leerone 'Howlin' For You' music video

Howlin' For You (2012)


The Protagonist 'Hyperreal' music video

Hyperreal (2012)

The Protagonist

Devil Killing Moth 'I Swear to You' music video

I Swear to You (2012)

Devil Killing Moth

Director: Bruce Forest

The Van Houtens 'I Want To Tell You' music video

I Want To Tell You (2012)

The Van Houtens

The Axis of Awesome 'In The Club Tonight' music video

In The Club Tonight (2012)

The Axis of Awesome

Director: Bryan Moses

Johnny Hallyday 'L'Attente' music video

L'Attente (2012)

Johnny Hallyday

Arisa 'Meraviglioso amore mio' music video

Meraviglioso amore mio (2012)


Director: Gaetano Morbioli

Gold Panda 'Mountain' music video

Mountain (2012)

Gold Panda

Akini Blake 'Over' music video

Over (2012)

Akini Blake

WHY? 'Paper Hearts' music video

Paper Hearts (2012)


Director: Scott M. Fredette, Yoni Wolf

UhOh Monkey 'Scooby Do' music video

Scooby Do (2012)

UhOh Monkey

Parakeet 'Shonen Hearts' music video

Shonen Hearts (2012)


Director: Maria Cecilia

Lazerhawk 'So Far Away' music video

So Far Away (2012)


EME 'Sun Mo Mi' music video

Sun Mo Mi (2012)


Big Ones 'Testa o croce' music video

Testa o croce (2012)

Big Ones

Director: Christian Antonilli

Invasión 'The Plastics Revolution' music video

The Plastics Revolution (2012)


Tandem Sky 'Victoria' music video

Victoria (2012)

Tandem Sky

Director: Slobodan Zivic, Artur Wolgers

Icona Pop 'We Got The World' music video

We Got The World (2012)

Icona Pop

Director: Fredrik Etoall

Wooh da Kid 'What's Brackin' music video

What's Brackin (Version 2) (2012)

Wooh da Kid

Insane Ian 'When The World Ends' music video

When The World Ends (2012)

Insane Ian

Director: Ian Bonds, Bob Rose

Beach House 'Wild' music video

Wild (2012)

Beach House

Director: Johan Renck