Miranda Lambert 'All Kinds of Kinds' music video

All Kinds of Kinds (2013)

Miranda Lambert

Director: Bluford Sanders

Lady Lazarus 'Argosy' music video

Argosy (2013)

Lady Lazarus

Mike Stud 'Batter Up' music video

Batter Up (2013)

Mike Stud

Thumb-Jaw 'Boom Full Of Awesome' music video

Boom Full Of Awesome (2013)


Tyler Shaw 'By My Side' music video

By My Side (2013)

Tyler Shaw

Director: Ben Knechtel

Michael Minelli 'Can You Hear Me' music video

Can You Hear Me (2013)

Michael Minelli

Parachute 'Can't Help' music video

Can't Help (2013)


Director: Jesse Sternbaum?

Patrice 'Cry Cry Cry' music video

Cry Cry Cry (2013)


Director: Bruce Thierry Cheung, Andinh Ha

Stanton Warriors 'Cut Me Up' music video

Cut Me Up (2013)

Stanton Warriors

Director: Edward Drake

Saint Motel 'Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare' music video

Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare (2013)

Saint Motel

Director: Sidsel Wittendorff Sørensen

Rainhard Fendrich 'Die, die wandern' music video

Die, die wandern (2013)

Rainhard Fendrich

Jacuzzi Boys 'Domino Moon' music video

Domino Moon (2013)

Jacuzzi Boys

Director: Davis Macks

Elefreak 'FE' music video

FE (2013)


Pale 'Fearing Faces' music video

Fearing Faces (2013)


Director: Charlie and Joe

Aaron Fyfe 'Freedom Fighters' music video

Freedom Fighters (2013)

Aaron Fyfe

Summer Camp 'Fresh' music video

Fresh (2013)

Summer Camp

Director: Lucy Needs

Heaven's Basement 'Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch' music video

Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch (2013)

Heaven's Basement

Director: Daniel Brereton

The Choo Choo Bob Show 'Hey Streetcar' music video

Hey Streetcar (2013)

The Choo Choo Bob Show

Temple Songs 'I Can't Look After You' music video

I Can't Look After You (2013)

Temple Songs

O'Donis 'Lean' music video

Lean (2013)


Let The Machines Do The Work 'Let Me Be The One' music video

Let Me Be The One (2013)

Let The Machines Do The Work

Director: Eoin Glaister

Jillian O 'Lighter' music video

Lighter (2013)

Jillian O

Wyatt Funderburk 'Love Will Lead The Way' music video

Love Will Lead The Way (2013)

Wyatt Funderburk

New Model Army 'March In September' music video

March In September (2013)

New Model Army

Director: Matt Reid

Gucci Mane 'Me' music video

Me (EXPLICIT) (2013)

Gucci Mane

Love And Death 'Meltdown' music video

Meltdown (2013)

Love And Death

Director: Behn Fannin

The Roughneck Riot 'Million Miles' music video

Million Miles (2013)

The Roughneck Riot

Big Black Delta 'Money Rain Down' music video

Money Rain Down (2013)

Big Black Delta

Director: Warren Kommers

Bas 'Mook II' music video

Mook II (2013)


Director: SMFiends

Oliver 'Night Is On My Mind' music video

Night Is On My Mind (2013)


Director: Greg Brunkalla

Babyshambles 'Nothing Comes To Nothing' music video

Nothing Comes To Nothing (2013)


Bella Darling 'Pharaohs' music video

Pharaohs (2013)

Bella Darling

Other Echoes 'Planets' music video

Planets (2013)

Other Echoes

Ro James 'Pledge Allegiance' music video

Pledge Allegiance (2013)

Ro James

Geneva Jacuzzi 'Runaway DNA' music video

Runaway DNA (2013)

Geneva Jacuzzi

Director: Jennifer Juniper Stratford

Xeno & Oaklander 'Sheen' music video

Sheen (2013)

Xeno & Oaklander

Director: Joshua Zucker-Pluda

Rakede 'St. Tropez' music video

St. Tropez (2013)


Tythe 'Summerbelly' music video

Summerbelly (2013)


Director: Miika Vaso

Young Noble 'The Time' music video

The Time (2013)

Young Noble

Haim 'The Wire' music video

The Wire (2013)


Director: Jonathan Lia

Panic! at the Disco 'This Is Gospel' music video

This Is Gospel (2013)

Panic! at the Disco

Director: Daniel "Cloud" Campos

Roland Tings 'Tomita's Basement' music video

Tomita's Basement (2013)

Roland Tings

Platini 'Walk With Me' music video

Walk With Me (2013)


TRC 'We Bring War' music video

We Bring War (2013)


The Wanted 'We Own The Night' music video

We Own The Night (2013)

The Wanted

Director: Frank Borin

Taps 'When You Said Goodbye' music video

When You Said Goodbye (2013)


Foxes 'Youth' music video

Youth (2013)


Director: James Copeman