Ariana Grande 'Almost Is Never Enough' music video

Almost Is Never Enough (2013)

Ariana Grande

Director: Nev Todorovic

No Age 'An Impression' music video

An Impression (2013)

No Age

Director: Randy Randall, Dean Spunt

Lady Gaga 'Applause' music video

Applause (2013)

Lady Gaga

Director: Inez & Vinoodh

Frank Foster 'Backwoods Babydoll' music video

Backwoods Babydoll (2013)

Frank Foster

Director: Brett Bortle

Le Garde 'Chaos' music video

Chaos (2013)

Le Garde

Travis Garland 'Clouds' music video

Clouds (2013)

Travis Garland

The Beth Edges 'Colours Collide' music video

Colours Collide (2013)

The Beth Edges

The Bug 'Dirty' music video

Dirty (2013)

The Bug

Lord Dying 'Dreams Of Mercy' music video

Dreams Of Mercy (2013)

Lord Dying

Director: Whitey McConnaughy

Mutya Keisha Siobhan 'Flatline' music video

Flatline (2013)

Mutya Keisha Siobhan

Director: KT Auleta

Dia Frampton 'Footsteps' music video

Footsteps (2013)

Dia Frampton

Tom Odell 'Grow Old With Me' music video

Grow Old With Me (2013)

Tom Odell

Director: Alex Southam

Pickwick 'Hacienda Motel' music video

Hacienda Motel (2013)


London 'Higher' music video

Higher (2013)


Spiritualized 'I Am What I Am' music video

I Am What I Am (2013)


Subscape 'I Need You' music video

I Need You (2013)


Director: Cz?owiek Kamera

Pakho Chau 'In The Ring' music video

In The Ring (2013)

Pakho Chau

The Christians 'INNER CITY BLUES ('13)' music video

INNER CITY BLUES ('13) (2013)

The Christians

MDNGHT 'Into The Night' music video

Into The Night (2013)


Scrufizzer 'Kick It' music video

Kick It (2013)


Director: Tomás Whitmore

PRTY H3RO 'Life Of The PRTY' music video

Life Of The PRTY (2013)


T-Shaw 'Live Throughout This Pain' music video

Live Throughout This Pain (2013)


Born Of Osiris 'Machine' music video

Machine (2013)

Born Of Osiris

Jesse & Joy 'Me Quiero Enamorar' music video

Me Quiero Enamorar (2013)

Jesse & Joy

Director: Paco Ibarra

The Vaccines 'Melody Calling' music video

Melody Calling (2013)

The Vaccines

Director: Karan Kandhari

HSY 'Milk Chug' music video

Milk Chug (2013)


Rich Gang 'Million Dollar' music video

Million Dollar (2013)

Rich Gang

Manafest 'Overboard' music video

Overboard (2013)


Night Beds 'Ramona' music video

Ramona (2013)

Night Beds

To Kill A King 'Rays' music video

Rays (2013)

To Kill A King

Director: Jack King

Revocation 'Revocation - Invidious' music video

Revocation - Invidious (2013)


Director: David Brodsky

Super Best Friends 'Round and Round' music video

Round and Round (2013)

Super Best Friends

Director: Matt Roberts

Major Lazer 'Scare Me' music video

Scare Me (2013)

Major Lazer

Director: Brandon Dermer

Bites 'Sine' music video

Sine (2013)


Milli Mars 'The Battle Of So-Chon' music video

The Battle Of So-Chon (2013)

Milli Mars

River Tiber 'The City' music video

The City (2013)

River Tiber

Director: Tristan Marantos, Tommy Paxton-Beesley

Keeley Forsyth 'Then There Came A Time' music video

Then There Came A Time (2013)

Keeley Forsyth

Enrique Iglesias 'Turn The Night Up' music video

Turn The Night Up (Version 2) (2013)

Enrique Iglesias

Director: Yasha Malekzad

Five Knives 'Vive Le Roi' music video

Vive Le Roi (2013)

Five Knives

Director: Ace Norton