Frida Sundemo 'A Million Years' music video

A Million Years (2013)

Frida Sundemo

Director: Joel Humlén

Quilt 'Arctic Shark' music video

Arctic Shark (2013)


Blessa 'Between Times' music video

Between Times (2013)


Kalado 'Bring Life' music video

Bring Life (2013)


Becky G 'Built For This' music video

Built For This (2013)

Becky G

Atu 'Can I Do It' music video

Can I Do It (2013)


Director: Jonathan Orrell

TJ Stafford 'Chary' music video

Chary (2013)

TJ Stafford

Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid 'Chinchilla' music video

Chinchilla (2013)

Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid

Tori Kelly 'Dear No One' music video

Dear No One (2013)

Tori Kelly

Director: Jon Jon Augustavo

Neozbiljni Pesimisti 'Dobro došli u Švedsku' music video

Dobro došli u Švedsku (2013)

Neozbiljni Pesimisti

Generation Maze 'Ecstasy' music video

Ecstasy (2013)

Generation Maze

Malevolence 'Eternal Torment' music video

Eternal Torment (2013)


Director: Tom J Cronin

Curtis Williams 'Face It' music video

Face It (2013)

Curtis Williams

Director: Chandler Lass

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down 'Feeling Kind' music video

Feeling Kind (2013)

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge 'Fragments Of Self' music video

Fragments Of Self (2013)

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge

Still Parade 'Health' music video

Health (2013)

Still Parade

Whiskey Myers 'Home' music video

Home (2013)

Whiskey Myers

Dayne Carter 'I Want It All' music video

I Want It All (2013)

Dayne Carter

Ozark Henry 'I'm Your Sacrifice' music video

I'm Your Sacrifice (2013)

Ozark Henry

Director: Ozark Henry

Marsheaux 'Inhale' music video

Inhale (2013)


Director: Johan Andjerson

The Magic Theatre 'It Was Glorious' music video

It Was Glorious (2013)

The Magic Theatre

Débruit & Alsarah 'Jibal Alnuba' music video

Jibal Alnuba (2013)

Débruit & Alsarah

Director: The Rainbowmonkey

Asking Alexandria 'Killing You' music video

Killing You (2013)

Asking Alexandria

Marian Hill 'Lovit' music video

Lovit (2013)

Marian Hill

Director: Charlie Polinger

Wymond Miles 'Night Drives' music video

Night Drives (2013)

Wymond Miles

Electric Lady Lab 'Open Doors' music video

Open Doors (2013)

Electric Lady Lab

Director: Isak Hoffmeyer

Skinny 'PMK' music video

PMK (2013)


Director: Moses Venegas

Jade Koth 'Ric Flair' music video

Ric Flair (2013)

Jade Koth

Nipsey Hussle 'Shinin' Like I'm Vegas' music video

Shinin' Like I'm Vegas (2013)

Nipsey Hussle

Yellow Claw 'Shotgun' music video

Shotgun (2013)

Yellow Claw

Air Dubai 'Soul And Body' music video

Soul And Body (2013)

Air Dubai

Director: Frank Door

Anna Calvi 'Suddenly' music video

Suddenly (2013)

Anna Calvi

Director: Emma Nathan

Fashawn 'The Beginning' music video

The Beginning (2013)


Director: Evidence, Punit Dhesi

Roo & The Howl 'To The River' music video

To The River (2013)

Roo & The Howl

Sampha 'Too much' music video

Too much (2013)


Ministri 'Una palude' music video

Una palude (2013)


These New Puritans 'V (Island Song)' music video

V (Island Song) (2013)

These New Puritans

Director: PICNIC

Polar Bear Club 'WLWYCD' music video

WLWYCD (2013)

Polar Bear Club

Director: Max Moore

Yun*chi 'Your song*' music video

Your song* (2013)


Director: Kazuaki Seki