Born Ruffians '6-5000' music video

6-5000 (2013)

Born Ruffians

Director: Mike Juneau

October Sky 'Angel One' music video

Angel One (2013)

October Sky

Director: Cynthia Raymond, Karl Raymond

††† (Crosses) 'Bi†ches Brew' music video

Bi†ches Brew (2013)

††† (Crosses)

Director: Raul Gonzo

French Cassettes 'BOYS' music video

BOYS (2013)

French Cassettes

Director: Dalan McNabola

Young & Sick 'Continuum' music video

Continuum (2013)

Young & Sick

Middle Class Rut 'Dead Eye' music video

Dead Eye (2013)

Middle Class Rut

Eight Two 'Don't Feel Sorry For Lovers' music video

Don't Feel Sorry For Lovers (2013)

Eight Two

Director: Febrianto Pudi Utama

Dirty Diana 'Dreams & Nightmares Freestyle' music video

Dreams & Nightmares Freestyle (2013)

Dirty Diana

Kat Dahlia 'Happy And I Know It' music video

Happy And I Know It (2013)

Kat Dahlia

Director: X Marlon Santini

Ariana And The Rose 'Heartbeat' music video

Heartbeat (2013)

Ariana And The Rose

Jamie Lynn Spears 'How Could I Want More' music video

How Could I Want More (2013)

Jamie Lynn Spears

Director: Matthew Underwood

Lyon Apprentice 'I Will Find You' music video

I Will Find You (2013)

Lyon Apprentice

Director: RICO

JusTT & GifTT 'Knights Of The Roundtable' music video

Knights Of The Roundtable (2013)

JusTT & GifTT

Director: Jeffrey Verna

The Dead South 'Long Gone' music video

Long Gone (2013)

The Dead South

Director: Scott Woloshin

John Newman 'Losing Sleep' music video

Losing Sleep (2013)

John Newman

Beatrice Egli 'Mein Herz' music video

Mein Herz (2013)

Beatrice Egli

Sky Ferreira 'Night Time, My Time' music video

Night Time, My Time (2013)

Sky Ferreira

Director: Grant Singer

The Bad Tenants 'Not Quite Perfec' music video

Not Quite Perfec (2013)

The Bad Tenants

Director: Micah Knapp

LoveSick Radio 'Numb Me Up' music video

Numb Me Up (2013)

LoveSick Radio

Director: Dawn Bierschwal

A'won Boyz 'Omo Yen' music video

Omo Yen (2013)

A'won Boyz

The Crystal Method 'Over It' music video

Over It (2013)

The Crystal Method

Superhumanoids 'So Strange' music video

So Strange (2013)


Director: David Altobelli, Taylor Cohen

Anastasia A 'Sparks Fly' music video

Sparks Fly (2013)

Anastasia A

Samsaya 'Stereotype' music video

Stereotype (2013)


Greydon Squared 'Summer's Ending' music video

Summer's Ending (2013)

Greydon Squared

Director: Jakob Owens

Major Lazer 'Sweat' music video

Sweat (2013)

Major Lazer

Director: Ryan Staake

Bastille 'The Draw' music video

The Draw (2013)


Director: Crooked Cynics

Deadfile 'This Hollow Land' music video

This Hollow Land (2013)


HEWAN 'This Job Sucks' music video

This Job Sucks (2013)


Director: Bryan Dos Reis

Milosh 'This Time' music video

This Time (2013)


Superchunk 'Void' music video

Void (2013)


Director: Scott Jacobson