Spazzkid '40 Winks' music video

40 Winks (2013)


Director: Czar Campos

Clipd Beaks 'All Ways Closer' music video

All Ways Closer (2013)

Clipd Beaks

The Zoltars 'Animal Dreams' music video

Animal Dreams (2013)

The Zoltars

Claire 'Broken Promise Land' music video

Broken Promise Land (2013)


Director: Christopher Schaller, Ferdinand Feldmann

Cassy London 'Carousel' music video

Carousel (2013)

Cassy London

LIFE & LIMB 'Carry On' music video

Carry On (2013)


Timomatic 'Everything Is Allowed' music video

Everything Is Allowed (2013)


Slick Shoota 'F Dat' music video

F Dat (2013)

Slick Shoota

Director: Ossian Melin

Fatima 'Family' music video

Family (2013)


Director: Husky

Akkord 'Folded Edge' music video

Folded Edge (2013)


Director: Oliver Jennings

Teen Men 'Hiding Records' music video

Hiding Records (2013)

Teen Men

Director: Albert Birney, Phil Davis

Magnets and Ghosts 'Hold On' music video

Hold On (2013)

Magnets and Ghosts

The Henry Millers 'HOP' music video

HOP (2013)

The Henry Millers

Director: Robert Kolodny

Connan Mockasin 'I'm The Man, That Will Find You' music video

I'm The Man, That Will Find You (2013)

Connan Mockasin

Director: Daniel Brereton

Those Darlins 'In the Wilderness' music video

In the Wilderness (2013)

Those Darlins

Director: VetaAndTheo

Yukmouth 'La Costra Nostra' music video

La Costra Nostra (2013)


Muck Sticky 'Life Goes On' music video

Life Goes On (2013)

Muck Sticky

Plurabelle 'Lindo' music video

Lindo (2013)


2NE1 'MISSING YOU' music video



Director: Sa Min Han

Granville Automatic 'Never On A Sunday' music video

Never On A Sunday (2013)

Granville Automatic

Lips (5) 'Nightcall' music video

Nightcall (2013)


Syd Arthur 'Ode To The Summer' music video

Ode To The Summer (2013)

Syd Arthur

Gorgon City 'Ready For Your Love' music video

Ready For Your Love (Version 1) (2013)

Gorgon City

A Great Big World 'Say Something' music video

Say Something (2013)

A Great Big World

Director: Christopher Sims

Elephant (3) 'Shapeshifter' music video

Shapeshifter (2013)


Director: Steven Boyle

Backstreet Boys 'Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)' music video

Show 'Em (What You're Made Of) (2013)

Backstreet Boys

Director: Jon Vulpine

Scott Stapp 'Slow Suicide' music video

Slow Suicide (2013)

Scott Stapp

Director: Andrew Gant

Samantha Jade 'Soldier' music video

Soldier (2013)

Samantha Jade

Jon Sandler 'Stars Align' music video

Stars Align (2013)

Jon Sandler

Five Knives 'The Future' music video

The Future (2013)

Five Knives

Director: Lance Drake

John Schlitt 'The Little Drummer Boy' music video

The Little Drummer Boy (2013)

John Schlitt

Director: Kenny Saylors, Kyle Saylors

Mano's Daughter 'The Machine' music video

The Machine (2013)

Mano's Daughter

Katy Perry 'Unconditionally' music video

Unconditionally (2013)

Katy Perry

Director: Brent Bonacorso

Nina 'We Are The Wild Ones' music video

We Are The Wild Ones (2013)


Director: Dave Snell

Connie Talbot 'White Christmas' music video

White Christmas (2013)

Connie Talbot

Mary G. 'You & I' music video

You & I (2013)

Mary G.

Director: Oliver Sommer