Dulce María 'Antes Que Ver El Sol' music video

Antes Que Ver El Sol (2014)

Dulce María

Director: Christian Cavazos

Emil Lassaria 'Baila' music video

Baila (2014)

Emil Lassaria

Director: Bogdan Paun

Gardens & Villa 'Bullet Train' music video

Bullet Train (2014)

Gardens & Villa

Director: Tony Katai

Linus Young 'City of Sin' music video

City of Sin (2014)

Linus Young

Director: Joe Dietsch

Stumbleine 'Clip My Wings' music video

Clip My Wings (2014)


Thief 'Closer' music video

Closer (2014)


Director: Robert Wallace

Hannah Peel 'Desolation Row' music video

Desolation Row (2014)

Hannah Peel

Melanie Martinez 'Dollhouse' music video

Dollhouse (2014)

Melanie Martinez

Director: Nathan Scialom, Tom McNamara

Perera Elsewhere 'Drunk Man' music video

Drunk Man (2014)

Perera Elsewhere

Director: Hugo Holger Schneider

Phantogram 'Fall In Love' music video

Fall In Love (2014)


Director: Timothy Saccenti, Joshua Davis

Jack Colwell And The Owls 'Far From View' music video

Far From View (2014)

Jack Colwell And The Owls

Chelsea Wolfe 'Feral Love' music video

Feral Love (2014)

Chelsea Wolfe

Director: Mark Pellington

Soviet Soviet 'Further' music video

Further (2014)

Soviet Soviet

Director: Lorenzo Musto, Erica Terenzi

Cheatahs 'Get Tight' music video

Get Tight (2014)


Director: Pete Dee

Grum 'In Love' music video

In Love (2014)


Marco Mengoni 'Incomparabile' music video

Incomparabile (2014)

Marco Mengoni

Uncle Murda 'My Shoes' music video

My Shoes (2014)

Uncle Murda

Director: Peter Dmitriyev

Anna Calvi 'Piece By Piece' music video

Piece By Piece (2014)

Anna Calvi

Director: Mathy & Fran

A$ton Matthews 'PRÆY' music video

PRÆY (2014)

A$ton Matthews

Director: A$ton Matthews

Tiësto 'Red Lights' music video

Red Lights (2014)


Director: Skinny

March Division 'Right On My Way' music video

Right On My Way (2014)

March Division

Director: Stefano Etter

Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt 'Shake That' music video

Shake That (2014)

Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt

Director: Helmi

Alison Gold 'Shush Up' music video

Shush Up (2014)

Alison Gold

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 'Some Kind of Ghost' music video

Some Kind of Ghost (2014)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Director: Daniel Mancini

Messenger 'Somniloquist' music video

Somniloquist (2014)


Pablo López 'Suplicando' music video

Suplicando (2014)

Pablo López

Py 'Swimming Slow' music video

Swimming Slow (2014)


Marta Pacek 'Thar She Blows' music video

Thar She Blows (2014)

Marta Pacek

Indila 'Tourner Dans Le Vide' music video

Tourner Dans Le Vide (2014)


Gonzo and The Prezidents 'TRIX' music video

TRIX (2014)

Gonzo and The Prezidents

Pentatonix 'Valentine' music video

Valentine (2014)


Ehiorobo 'VII' music video

VII (2014)


Director: Kevin Gomez

Marissa Nadler 'Was It A Dream' music video

Was It A Dream (2014)

Marissa Nadler

Director: Ryan Hamilton Walsh

Halls 'Waves' music video

Waves (2014)