Avicii 'Addicted To You' music video

Addicted To You (2014)


Director: Sebastian Ringler

Luigi 21 Plus 'Amor Ilegal' music video

Amor Ilegal (2014)

Luigi 21 Plus

Berlin 'Animal' music video

Animal (2014)


Director: Chad Michael Ward

Dead by April 'As A Butterfly' music video

As A Butterfly (2014)

Dead by April

Director: Oliver Martin

Alice 'Awaiting' music video

Awaiting (2014)


Jones & Fischer Band 'Barstool Kind of Night' music video

Barstool Kind of Night (2014)

Jones & Fischer Band

Angel Haze 'Battle Cry' music video

Battle Cry (2014)

Angel Haze

Director: Frank Borin

The King of Hearts 'Before Rome Falls (Acoustic)' music video

Before Rome Falls (Acoustic) (2014)

The King of Hearts

Diplo 'Biggie Bounce' music video

Biggie Bounce (2014)


Director: Jason Miller

Hedley 'Crazy For You' music video

Crazy For You (2014)


Director: J.Lee Williams, Timur Musabay

Nayked 'Defaillance' music video

Defaillance (2014)


Blake Shelton 'Doin' What She Likes' music video

Doin' What She Likes (2014)

Blake Shelton

Born Cages 'Don't Look Back' music video

Don't Look Back (2014)

Born Cages

Kaja Gunnufsen 'Faen Ta' music video

Faen Ta (2014)

Kaja Gunnufsen

Quadron 'Favorite Star' music video

Favorite Star (2014)


Iberia 'Glide' music video

Glide (2014)


Kevin Drew 'Good Sex' music video

Good Sex (2014)

Kevin Drew

Vintage Troubles 'Gracefully' music video

Gracefully (2014)

Vintage Troubles

Vintage Trouble 'Gracefully' music video

Gracefully (2014)

Vintage Trouble

Bleached 'Guy Like You' music video

Guy Like You (2014)


Tigirlily 'Happy Song' music video

Happy Song (2014)


PJ Morton 'Heavy' music video

Heavy (2014)

PJ Morton

Director: Orson Whales

The National 'I Need My Girl' music video

I Need My Girl (2014)

The National

Director: Sophia Peer

Sivert Høyem 'Inner Vision' music video

Inner Vision (2014)

Sivert Høyem

Little Dragon 'Klapp Klapp' music video

Klapp Klapp (2014)

Little Dragon

Director: Taylor Cohen

The Doppelgangaz 'KnowntchooTahLie' music video

KnowntchooTahLie (2014)

The Doppelgangaz

Director: The Doppelgangaz

Rivver 'LAMU' music video

LAMU (2014)


Lapalux 'Lonesum Tnite' music video

Lonesum Tnite (2014)


Diadem 'Love is Human' music video

Love is Human (2014)


Tiffany Houghton 'Love Like That' music video

Love Like That (2014)

Tiffany Houghton

Mounties 'Made Up My Mind' music video

Made Up My Mind (2014)


Kalin And Myles 'On Mine Too' music video

On Mine Too (2014)

Kalin And Myles

Fatal Jamz 'One of the Girls' music video

One of the Girls (2014)

Fatal Jamz

Power Francers 'Prendo il Volo' music video

Prendo il Volo (2014)

Power Francers

Arrows Of Love 'Prescriptions' music video

Prescriptions (2014)

Arrows Of Love

Eivør 'Rain' music video

Rain (2014)


The Bloody Beetroots 'RAW' music video

RAW (2014)

The Bloody Beetroots

Director: Agata Alexander

J. Cole 'She Knows' music video

She Knows (2014)

J. Cole

Director: Sam Pilling

Ice Cube 'Sic Them Youngins On 'Em' music video

Sic Them Youngins On 'Em (2014)

Ice Cube

Director: Gabriel Hart

Marlene 'Stay Awake' music video

Stay Awake (2014)


Director: SIKOW

The Overtones 'Superstar' music video

Superstar (2014)

The Overtones

Director: Alan Parks

Mister Jackson 'The Golden Treatment' music video

The Golden Treatment (2014)

Mister Jackson

Lena Cullen 'Timeless' music video

Timeless (2014)

Lena Cullen

Lo-Fang 'When We're Fire' music video

When We're Fire (2014)


Regulo Caro 'Y Si Es Por Amor' music video

Y Si Es Por Amor (2014)

Regulo Caro

Director: Omar Torres

Mariah Carey 'You're Mine (Eternal)' music video

You're Mine (Eternal) (2014)

Mariah Carey

Director: Indrani