MikeFlo '24K' music video

24K (2014)


Director: Will Feagins

JR JR 'All Your Base' music video

All Your Base (2014)


Agnes Obel 'Aventine' music video

Aventine (2014)

Agnes Obel

Polar Bear 'Be Free' music video

Be Free (2014)

Polar Bear

Sivu 'Can't Stop Now' music video

Can't Stop Now (2014)


Director: Adam Powell

George Ezra 'Cassy O'' music video

Cassy O' (2014)

George Ezra

Director: Rob Brandon, Rob & Rob, Agile Films

Bill Parton Trio 'Closer Now' music video

Closer Now (2014)

Bill Parton Trio

Raheem DeVaughn 'Cry Baby' music video

Cry Baby (2014)

Raheem DeVaughn

Director: James Billings

Kember 'F.W.D.' music video

F.W.D. (2014)


FKA Twigs 'FKA x inc.' music video

FKA x inc. (2014)

FKA Twigs

Director: Nick Walker, FKA Twigs

The Coathangers 'Follow Me' music video

Follow Me (2014)

The Coathangers

Director: Newmerica

Dash Berlin 'Fool For Life' music video

Fool For Life (2014)

Dash Berlin

Thick As Thieves 'Ghosts' music video

Ghosts (2014)

Thick As Thieves

Director: Zach Mann

Kwalified 'GO!' music video

GO! (2014)


The Royal 'Head First' music video

Head First (2014)

The Royal

Director: Ali Presley Paras

The Faint 'Help In The Head' music video

Help In The Head (2014)

The Faint

Tommy Kruise 'Hers' music video

Hers (2014)

Tommy Kruise

Director: Martin C. Pariseau

Stevie Lee Woods 'Hey! What Do I Know?' music video

Hey! What Do I Know? (2014)

Stevie Lee Woods

Maylee Todd 'Hieroglyphics' music video

Hieroglyphics (2014)

Maylee Todd

Director: Jason Lutz, Fred Yurichuk, Maylee Todd

David Douglas 'Higher' music video

Higher (Version 1) (2014)

David Douglas

Director: David Douglas

Jonwayne 'How To Be A Gemini' music video

How To Be A Gemini (2014)


Director: Naveed Farro

Smoke Show 'I'm Crazy' music video

I'm Crazy (2014)

Smoke Show

Director: Shifat Haq

Haim 'If I Could Change Your Mind' music video

If I Could Change Your Mind (2014)


The Noise FM 'Keep Me in the Dark' music video

Keep Me in the Dark (2014)

The Noise FM

SonReal 'L.A.' music video

L.A. (2014)


Director: Peter Huang

Rosegold 'Limbo' music video

Limbo (2014)


Smoke'n'Soul 'Love For Love' music video

Love For Love (2014)


Director: Miloš Ikovi?

Coldplay 'Midnight' music video

Midnight (2014)


Director: Mary Wigmore

Soulja Boy 'Migo' music video

Migo (2014)

Soulja Boy

Andres Sierra 'Phoenix' music video

Phoenix (2014)

Andres Sierra

Director: Yves Muhong

Kacey Johansing 'Pinecone' music video

Pinecone (2014)

Kacey Johansing

EMA 'So Blonde' music video

So Blonde (2014)


Director: Vice Cooler

TWST-1 'The Heavy Wait' music video

The Heavy Wait (2014)


Audra Mae 'The Real Thing' music video

The Real Thing (2014)

Audra Mae

Manchester Orchestra 'Top Notch' music video

Top Notch (2014)

Manchester Orchestra

Director: John Minton

Little Racer 'Vanessa' music video

Vanessa (2014)

Little Racer

MAYa 'We Shall Not Disappear' music video

We Shall Not Disappear (2014)


Casey Veggies 'Whip It' music video

Whip It (2014)

Casey Veggies

Director: Zack Warren