Odd-o-Matic '3 of a Kind Beat Two Paraplegics' music video

3 of a Kind Beat Two Paraplegics (2014)


Kubalove 'All I Want' music video

All I Want (2014)


The Head And The Heart 'Another Story' music video

Another Story (2014)

The Head And The Heart

Director: Andrew Hines

Indochine 'Belfast' music video

Belfast (2014)


ScHoolboy Q 'Break The Bank' music video

Break The Bank (2014)

ScHoolboy Q

Director: Jason Goldwatch

A Skylit Drive 'Crazy' music video

Crazy (2014)

A Skylit Drive

Director: Ernie Gilbert

The Ruby Suns 'Desert Of Pop' music video

Desert Of Pop (2014)

The Ruby Suns

Director: Samuel Kristofski

Simian Ghost 'Echoes of Songs (For Trish Keenan)' music video

Echoes of Songs (For Trish Keenan) (2014)

Simian Ghost

Director: Victor Claeson

Samaris 'Ég Vildi Fegin Verda' music video

Ég Vildi Fegin Verda (2014)


Director: Fritz Hendrik IV

Xiu Xiu 'El Naco' music video

El Naco (2014)

Xiu Xiu

Electric Litany 'Feather Of Ecstasy' music video

Feather Of Ecstasy (2014)

Electric Litany

Director: Electric Litany

Original Dope Crew 'Go Dumb' music video

Go Dumb (2014)

Original Dope Crew

Director: Mark Mayr

My Crazy Girlfriend 'Go F**k Yourself' music video

Go F**k Yourself (2014)

My Crazy Girlfriend

Director: Will Kindrick

Tiombe Lockhart 'Gone' music video

Gone (2014)

Tiombe Lockhart

Director: Tiombe Lockhart, Thuan Tran

The NSJ Crew 'Honor Roll' music video

Honor Roll (2014)

The NSJ Crew

Director: Ben Hughes

Red Cafe 'I Love This Shit' music video

I Love This Shit (2014)

Red Cafe

Karmin 'I Want It All' music video

I Want It All (2014)


Director: Samantha Lecca

Linda Pira 'Knäpper mina fingrar (Remix)' music video

Knäpper mina fingrar (Remix) (2014)

Linda Pira

Deathcrush 'Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V/Fun' music video

Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V/Fun (2014)


Director: Kenneth Karlstad

Yandel 'Moviendo Caderas' music video

Moviendo Caderas (2014)


Director: Carlos Pérez

YG 'My Nigga (Remix)' music video

My Nigga (Remix) (2014)


Muck Sticky 'Nifty' music video

Nifty (2014)

Muck Sticky

The Prototypes 'Pale Blue Dot' music video

Pale Blue Dot (2014)

The Prototypes

Julio Bashmore 'Peppermint' music video

Peppermint (2014)

Julio Bashmore

Nicole Cherry 'Phenomeno' music video

Phenomeno (2014)

Nicole Cherry

Seyi Shay 'Ragga Ragga' music video

Ragga Ragga (2014)

Seyi Shay

Yak Boy Fresh 'Shut It Down' music video

Shut It Down (2014)

Yak Boy Fresh

Director: MJ Furillo

Kristina Maria 'Soldier' music video

Soldier (2014)

Kristina Maria

Director: Daniel AM Rosenberg

Emperor Yes 'The End Of The World' music video

The End Of The World (2014)

Emperor Yes

Susan Toney 'The Trail of Light and Dark' music video

The Trail of Light and Dark (2014)

Susan Toney

Cut Copy 'We Are Explorers' music video

We Are Explorers (2014)

Cut Copy

Director: Masa Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, Aramique

For BDK 'What I Must Find' music video

What I Must Find (2014)


Director: Sheila Larsson