Breton '15 Minutes' music video

15 Minutes (2014)


Yumi Zouma 'A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers' music video

A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers (2014)

Yumi Zouma

Director: Eugene Kotlyarenko

Eric Church 'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young' music video

A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young (2014)

Eric Church

Director: Peter Zavadil

Dee-1 'Accountability Partner' music video

Accountability Partner (2014)


Calle 13 'Adentro' music video

Adentro (2014)

Calle 13

Director: Kacho López Mari

Jesus Warr 'AMSTERDAM' music video


Jesus Warr

Shy Boys 'And I Am Nervous' music video

And I Am Nervous (2014)

Shy Boys

Odonis Odonis 'Angus Mountain' music video

Angus Mountain (2014)

Odonis Odonis

Dum Dum Girls 'Are You Okay' music video

Are You Okay (2014)

Dum Dum Girls

Director: BREWER

Zoé 'Arrullo de Estrellas' music video

Arrullo de Estrellas (2014)


Zoé 'Arrullo De Estrellas' music video

Arrullo De Estrellas (2014)


Director: León Larregui

Jenny Lewis 'Big Wave' music video

Big Wave (2014)

Jenny Lewis

Michael Lowman 'Crayon Boxes' music video

Crayon Boxes (2014)

Michael Lowman

Shit Robot 'Do That Dance' music video

Do That Dance (2014)

Shit Robot

Krewella 'Enjoy The Ride' music video

Enjoy The Ride (2014)


Director: Kevin Tancharoen

SAYITAINTTONE 'Everyday' music video

Everyday (2014)


Adrian Lau 'Faces' music video

Faces (2014)

Adrian Lau

Opus Orange 'Fortress' music video

Fortress (2014)

Opus Orange

Wallis Bird 'Hardly Hardly' music video

Hardly Hardly (2014)

Wallis Bird

Nyzzy Nyce 'I Am The Dopest' music video

I Am The Dopest (2014)

Nyzzy Nyce

Director: Miles Meyer

Gene Noble 'Imagination' music video

Imagination (2014)

Gene Noble

Javeon 'Intoxicated' music video

Intoxicated (2014)


Director: Ben Strebel

OONA 'Kaleidoscope' music video

Kaleidoscope (2014)


NEO GEO 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' music video

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2014)


Black English 'Leave The Door Wide Open' music video

Leave The Door Wide Open (2014)

Black English

Director: Jordan Blady

Christos Mythos Mary Jane 'Living In The Heart' music video

Living In The Heart (2014)

Christos Mythos Mary Jane

Luis Coronel 'Lo Mejor Que me Ha Pasado' music video

Lo Mejor Que me Ha Pasado (2014)

Luis Coronel

Director: Omar Torres, Louis Barraza

Cate Blacklock 'Making Your Way' music video

Making Your Way (2014)

Cate Blacklock

Future 'Move That Dope' music video

Move That Dope (2014)


Director: Benny Boom

Tei Shi 'Nevermind The End' music video

Nevermind The End (2014)

Tei Shi

Director: Nicolas Pesce

Fuego 'Préndelo' music video

Préndelo (2014)


Director: Luieville

Basement Saints 'Rainbow Nation' music video

Rainbow Nation (2014)

Basement Saints

Fall Out Boy 'Rat A Tat' music video

Rat A Tat (2014)

Fall Out Boy

Director: Donald/Zaeh

Fred V & Grafix 'Recognise' music video

Recognise (2014)

Fred V & Grafix

Director: Gustavo Arteaga

Garnier 'Revenge of The Lol Cat' music video

Revenge of The Lol Cat (2014)


Jenny Lewis 'Rise Up (With Fists!!)' music video

Rise Up (With Fists!!) (2014)

Jenny Lewis

Placebo 'Rob the Bank' music video

Rob the Bank (2014)


Director: Diego Contreras, Dave Ramirez

Asil 'Runaway' music video

Runaway (2014)


Emanuel Nava 'Scream' music video

Scream (2014)

Emanuel Nava

Taking Back Sunday 'Stood A Chance' music video

Stood A Chance (2014)

Taking Back Sunday

Director: Evan Spencer Brace

King Cesar 'Switch Lanes' music video

Switch Lanes (2014)

King Cesar

Matt Palmer 'Teardrops' music video

Teardrops (2014)

Matt Palmer

Yumi Zouma 'The Brae' music video

The Brae (2014)

Yumi Zouma

Director: Eugene Kotlyarenko

Grant Terry 'The Way We Said Goodbye' music video

The Way We Said Goodbye (2014)

Grant Terry

Lucius 'Turn It Around' music video

Turn It Around (2014)


Director: Mimi Cave

Gord Bamford 'Unreal' music video

Unreal (2014)

Gord Bamford

Fligh 'Vultures' music video

Vultures (2014)


ScHoolboy Q 'What They Want' music video

What They Want (2014)

ScHoolboy Q

Director: Motion Family

Taylor Henderson 'When You Were Mine' music video

When You Were Mine (2014)

Taylor Henderson

Director: James Chappell

Orezi 'You Garrit' music video

You Garrit (2014)


Aquilo 'You There' music video

You There (2014)


Aquilo 'You There' music video

You There (2014)


Director: Harvey Pearson