Shonen Knife '????????' music video

???????? (2014)

Shonen Knife

Tom Williams & The Boat 'All Day' music video

All Day (2014)

Tom Williams & The Boat

Director: Abbie Brandon

LIZ 'All Them Boys' music video

All Them Boys (2014)


Reyno 'Amarrado' music video

Amarrado (2014)


Director: Rodrigo Bonilla

David Guetta & Showtek 'Bad' music video

Bad (2014)

David Guetta & Showtek

Carnival Star 'Black Rain Down' music video

Black Rain Down (2014)

Carnival Star

Timaya 'Bum Bum (Remix)' music video

Bum Bum (Remix) (2014)


Bare Mutants 'Crying With Bob' music video

Crying With Bob (2014)

Bare Mutants

Minerva Falls 'D-EVIL' music video

D-EVIL (2014)

Minerva Falls

Mothracide 'D.I.Y.' music video

D.I.Y. (2014)


Griminal 'Da Weeknd' music video

Da Weeknd (2014)


Side Theory 'Don't Ask' music video

Don't Ask (2014)

Side Theory

Press To Meco 'Family Ties' music video

Family Ties (2014)

Press To Meco

Glass House 'For Now' music video

For Now (2014)

Glass House

Ella Henderson 'Ghost (Switch Remix)' music video

Ghost (Switch Remix) (2014)

Ella Henderson

Director: Jem Talbot

Captain Jack 'Give It Up' music video

Give It Up (2014) (2014)

Captain Jack

Steel Panther 'Gloryhole' music video

Gloryhole (2014)

Steel Panther

Director: Frankie Nasso

Twin Atlantic 'Heart And Soul' music video

Heart And Soul (2014)

Twin Atlantic

Director: Jonas Odell

DaVinci & Sweet Valley 'I Got That Line' music video

I Got That Line (2014)

DaVinci & Sweet Valley

Director: Eddie Ringer

SayWeCanFly 'Intoxicated I Love You' music video

Intoxicated I Love You (2014)


Gabry Ponte 'La Fine Del Mondo' music video

La Fine Del Mondo (2014)

Gabry Ponte

Director: Francesco Fracchioni

The John Butler Trio 'Livin' In The City' music video

Livin' In The City (2014)

The John Butler Trio

Edguy 'Love Tyger' music video

Love Tyger (2014)


Kevin Drew 'Mexican Aftershow Party' music video

Mexican Aftershow Party (2014)

Kevin Drew

Gay 'Military Man' music video

Military Man (2014)


Eels 'Mistakes Of My Youth' music video

Mistakes Of My Youth (2014)


Director: Brad Palmer, Brian Palmer

Project Pat 'Never Be A G' music video

Never Be A G (2014)

Project Pat

Director: Jonathan Andrade

Jacques Greene 'No Excuse' music video

No Excuse (2014)

Jacques Greene

Director: Trusst, Melissa Matos

Lykke Li 'No Rest For The Wicked' music video

No Rest For The Wicked (2014)

Lykke Li

Director: Tarik Saleh

Pink Mountaintops 'North Hollywood Microwaves' music video

North Hollywood Microwaves (2014)

Pink Mountaintops

Director: Annie Hardy

Jett Rebel 'On Top Of The World' music video

On Top Of The World (2014)

Jett Rebel

Kemdilo Gold 'Party x2' music video

Party x2 (2014)

Kemdilo Gold

Phillip Phillips 'Raging Fire' music video

Raging Fire (2014)

Phillip Phillips

Director: Ethan Lader

Thea & The Wild 'Ropes' music video

Ropes (2014)

Thea & The Wild

The Malpractice 'The Big Empty' music video

The Big Empty (2014)

The Malpractice

Natural Animal 'The Light' music video

The Light (2014)

Natural Animal

Mounties 'Tokyo Summer' music video

Tokyo Summer (2014)


Director: Kevan Funk

Skating Polly 'Ugly' music video

Ugly (2014)

Skating Polly

Director: Drake Matney

Alessia 'Vorbe Letale' music video

Vorbe Letale (2014)


Director: Alin Surdu

Moderatto 'Voy A Ganar' music video

Voy A Ganar (2014)


USS 'Yin Yang' music video

Yin Yang (2014)


Director: David F. Mewa