Courtney Barnett 'Anonymous Club' music video

Anonymous Club (2014)

Courtney Barnett

Landon Austin 'Armor' music video

Armor (2014)

Landon Austin

Director: Andrew Vallentine

Krisdayanti 'Bertubi-tubi' music video

Bertubi-tubi (2014)


Fishing 'Chi Glow' music video

Chi Glow (2014)


MaLLy 'City of Fear' music video

City of Fear (2014)


Ashley Roberts 'Clockwork' music video

Clockwork (2014)

Ashley Roberts

Director: Ramy Dance

Evy Jane 'Closer' music video

Closer (2014)

Evy Jane

Director: Kyle Bowman

Jhené Aiko 'Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)' music video

Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) (2014)

Jhené Aiko

Kailey Swanson 'Country Love Song' music video

Country Love Song (2014)

Kailey Swanson

Real Estate 'Crime' music video

Crime (2014)

Real Estate

Director: Tom Scharpling

Tennis 'Cured of Youth' music video

Cured of Youth (2014)


Marissa Nadler 'Drive' music video

Drive (2014)

Marissa Nadler

Director: Naomi Yang

deM atlaS 'F=rankln' music video

F=rankln (2014)

deM atlaS

Director: Nathan EJ

August Alsina 'Get Ya Money' music video

Get Ya Money (2014)

August Alsina

Director: Payne Lindsey

Strand Of Oaks 'Goshen '97' music video

Goshen '97 (2014)

Strand Of Oaks

Ryan Vail 'Grow' music video

Grow (2014)

Ryan Vail

Red Lips 'HEJ JOE!' music video

HEJ JOE! (2014)

Red Lips

Odonis Odonis 'Highnote' music video

Highnote (2014)

Odonis Odonis

50 Cent 'Hustler' music video

Hustler (2014)

50 Cent

Director: Eif Rivera

Architecture In Helsinki 'I Might Survive' music video

I Might Survive (2014)

Architecture In Helsinki

Director: Andrew Goldsmith

Johnzo West 'It Ain't Right' music video

It Ain't Right (2014)

Johnzo West

Estelle 'Make Her Say (Beat It Up)' music video

Make Her Say (Beat It Up) (2014)


Director: Chris Robinson

Peace 'Money' music video

Money (2014)


Director: Ninian Doff

Timeflies 'Monsters' music video

Monsters (2014)


Queenfireworks 'Morning Coffee' music video

Morning Coffee (2014)


Christ Bearer 'OOOH!' music video

OOOH! (2014)

Christ Bearer

Director: Bob Daff

Vierance 'Raven' music video

Raven (2014)


OFF! 'Red White and Black' music video

Red White and Black (2014)


Director: The Admiral

Heartsrevolution 'Ride Or Die' music video

Ride Or Die (2014)


T. Cartel 'Roll Up' music video

Roll Up (2014)

T. Cartel

Talisco 'Run' music video

Run (2014)


PINS 'Shoot You' music video

Shoot You (2014)


Los Rakas 'Sueño Americano' music video

Sueño Americano (2014)

Los Rakas

Director: The Perez Brothers

Cody Simpson 'Surfboard' music video

Surfboard (2014)

Cody Simpson

Director: The Young Astronauts, Nev Todorovic

Throwing Shade 'Sweet Tooth' music video

Sweet Tooth (2014)

Throwing Shade

Director: Rachel Noble

Tapioca And The Flea 'Take It Slow' music video

Take It Slow (2014)

Tapioca And The Flea

Director: ENDS

Thalía 'Tema De Chupi' music video

Tema De Chupi (2014)


Fort Hope 'The Rapture' music video

The Rapture (2014)

Fort Hope

Sebastien Grainger 'The Streets Are Still A Mess' music video

The Streets Are Still A Mess (2014)

Sebastien Grainger

Caro Pierotto 'Volta ao Mundo' music video

Volta ao Mundo (2014)

Caro Pierotto

Lucy Mason 'White As Snow' music video

White As Snow (2014)

Lucy Mason

Steve Morano 'Working Life' music video

Working Life (2014)

Steve Morano