Trophy Scars 'Archangel' music video

Archangel (2014)

Trophy Scars

TOY 'As We Turn' music video

As We Turn (2014)


GoldLink 'Ay Ay' music video

Ay Ay (2014)


Director: Nathan R. Smith

Hudson Taylor 'Battles' music video

Battles (2014)

Hudson Taylor

Director: James Slater

Tia London 'Beautiful Mind' music video

Beautiful Mind (2014)

Tia London

Tigercub 'Blue Blood' music video

Blue Blood (2014)


Bas 'Building Blocks (Interlude)' music video

Building Blocks (Interlude) (2014)


Watermät 'Bullit' music video

Bullit (2014)


Director: Nima Nabili Rad

Thalía 'Caballo De Palo' music video

Caballo De Palo (2014)


Only Real 'Cadillac Girl' music video

Cadillac Girl (2014)

Only Real

Carlos Baute 'Como decir que no' music video

Como decir que no (2014)

Carlos Baute

Our Last Night 'Dark Storms' music video

Dark Storms (2014)

Our Last Night

Sick Puppies 'Die To Save You' music video

Die To Save You (2014)

Sick Puppies

Dual-Split 'Echo of My Heart' music video

Echo of My Heart (2014)


50 Cent 'Everytime I Come Around' music video

Everytime I Come Around (2014)

50 Cent

Director: Eif Rivera

Sheare 'Eyes' music video

Eyes (2014)


Jessi Malay 'Give Me Life' music video

Give Me Life (2014)

Jessi Malay

Habibi 'Got The Moves' music video

Got The Moves (2014)


Waters 'Got To My Head' music video

Got To My Head (2014)


A Million Billion Dying Suns 'Hey Man' music video

Hey Man (2014)

A Million Billion Dying Suns

Priyanka Chopra 'I Can't Make You Love Me' music video

I Can't Make You Love Me (2014)

Priyanka Chopra

Director: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven

The Hold Steady 'I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You' music video

I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You (2014)

The Hold Steady

Disiz La Peste 'Kamikaze' music video

Kamikaze (2014)

Disiz La Peste

Lil B 'Katy Perry' music video

Katy Perry (2014)

Lil B

G-Eazy 'Let's Get Lost' music video

Let's Get Lost (2014)


Director: Tyler Yee

Charlotte & The Co-Stars 'Listen To My Soul' music video

Listen To My Soul (2014)

Charlotte & The Co-Stars

Leroy Sanchez 'Little Dancer' music video

Little Dancer (2014)

Leroy Sanchez

Director: David Rousseau

Tia London 'Live It Up' music video

Live It Up (2014)

Tia London

Bubba Sparxxx 'Made On McCosh Mill Rd.' music video

Made On McCosh Mill Rd. (2014)

Bubba Sparxxx

Sauce McKinley 'Madonnas & Marijuana' music video

Madonnas & Marijuana (Official Video ) (2014)

Sauce McKinley

Elbi 'Mambo Mambo' music video

Mambo Mambo (2014)


Mirror Travel 'Mexico' music video

Mexico (2014)

Mirror Travel

Sauti Sol 'Nishike (Touch Me)' music video

Nishike (Touch Me) (2014)

Sauti Sol

Director: Enos Olik

Alpines 'No Other Lover' music video

No Other Lover (2014)


Tech N9ne 'Over It' music video

Over It (2014)

Tech N9ne

Director: Anthony Devera

Ludacris 'Party Girls' music video

Party Girls (2014)


Director: Hype Williams

Tigo B 'Possibilities' music video

Possibilities (2014)

Tigo B

Slow Coda 'Room For Doubt' music video

Room For Doubt (2014)

Slow Coda

OTIZ 'S3X Machine' music video

S3X Machine (2014)


Christine and The Queens 'Saint Claude' music video

Saint Claude (2014)

Christine and The Queens

Director: J.A.C.K

Cher Lloyd 'Sirens' music video

Sirens (2014)

Cher Lloyd

Director: Darren Craig

Buraka Som Sistema 'STOOPID' music video

STOOPID (2014)

Buraka Som Sistema

Director: Vhils, João Pedro Moreira

MAX 'Streets of Gold' music video

Streets of Gold (2014)


Black Lodge 'Thankful' music video

Thankful (2014)

Black Lodge

Florrie 'Wanna Control Myself' music video

Wanna Control Myself (2014)


Snak The Ripper 'What I Do' music video

What I Do (2014)

Snak The Ripper

Director: Stuey Kubrick

Old Man Canyon 'Wiser' music video

Wiser (2014)

Old Man Canyon

Director: Tavi Parusel