Leon of Athens 'Baby Asteroid' music video

Baby Asteroid (2014)

Leon of Athens

Jae Lejit 'Be Scene' music video

Be Scene (2014)

Jae Lejit

Louis Logic 'Big Fish Eat Little Fish' music video

Big Fish Eat Little Fish (2014)

Louis Logic

Goemagot 'Bigotry' music video

Bigotry (2014)


St. Paul and the Broken Bones 'Call Me' music video

Call Me (2014)

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Director: Jen West

Wild Cub 'Colour' music video

Colour (2014)

Wild Cub

Ed Naevi 'Cool Old School' music video

Cool Old School (2014)

Ed Naevi

Rudi Zygadlo 'Dissident Song' music video

Dissident Song (2014)

Rudi Zygadlo

Thalía 'El Garabato Colorado' music video

El Garabato Colorado (2014)


Gus G 'Eyes Wide Open' music video

Eyes Wide Open (2014)

Gus G

Director: Patric Ullaeus

G FrSH 'Falling High' music video

Falling High (2014)


Director: James Partridge

Neon Trees 'First Things First' music video

First Things First (2014)

Neon Trees

Director: Tyler Glenn

The Black Lips 'Funny' music video

Funny (2014)

The Black Lips

Director: David Markey

L.A. Witch 'Get Lost' music video

Get Lost (2014)

L.A. Witch

Director: Arabella Anderson

Ella Henderson 'Ghost' music video

Ghost (2014)

Ella Henderson

Director: Charles Mehling

Jamie XX 'Girl' music video

Girl (2014)

Jamie XX

Director: Alden Volney

Damon Albarn 'Heavy Seas Of Love' music video

Heavy Seas Of Love (2014)

Damon Albarn

Kasia Lins 'Hold On' music video

Hold On (2014)

Kasia Lins

Silverbird 'Hollow Heart' music video

Hollow Heart (2014)


The Menzingers 'I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore' music video

I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore (2014)

The Menzingers

Director: Whitey McConnaughy

Rodèlle 'I'm Afraid I'm Not' music video

I'm Afraid I'm Not (2014)


PARLA 'I've Been a Mess' music video

I've Been a Mess (2014)


CyHi Da Prynce 'Is It Me' music video

Is It Me (2014)

CyHi Da Prynce

Russian Red 'John Michael' music video

John Michael (2014)

Russian Red

Director: Alex Bergman

Mike Mohede 'Kucinta Dirinya' music video

Kucinta Dirinya (2014)

Mike Mohede

Director: Tepan Kobain

SPEAK 'Mazda Blue' music video

Mazda Blue (2014)


Director: AYHAY

Imogen Heap 'Me the Machine' music video

Me the Machine (2014)

Imogen Heap

Director: Ersinhan Ersin, Leo Fawkes

Nick Mulvey 'Meet Me There' music video

Meet Me There (2014)

Nick Mulvey

Director: James Morgan

Nuoli 'My Curse Is My Mind' music video

My Curse Is My Mind (2014)


Machine Gun Kelly 'Sail' music video

Sail (2014)

Machine Gun Kelly

Director: Mod Sun

Lily Allen 'Sheezus' music video

Sheezus (2014)

Lily Allen

Director: Ruffmercy

London Grammar 'Sights' music video

Sights (2014)

London Grammar

Director: Giorgio Testi

Owen Pallett 'Song for Five & Six' music video

Song for Five & Six (2014)

Owen Pallett

Director: Jeff Scheven

Bryce Vine 'Sour Patch Kids' music video

Sour Patch Kids (2014)

Bryce Vine

Director: Stewart Yost

TOBACCO 'Streaker' music video

Streaker (2014)


ScHoolboy Q 'Studio' music video

Studio (2014)

ScHoolboy Q

Director: Jerome D. Hurd

Cali Y El Dandee 'Te Necesito' music video

Te Necesito (2014)

Cali Y El Dandee

Redlight King 'Times Are Hard' music video

Times Are Hard (2014)

Redlight King

Director: Strati Hovartos

Ricky Martin 'Vida' music video

Vida (2014)

Ricky Martin

Director: Kátia Lund, Lívia Gama