Coldplay 'A Sky Full Of Stars' music video

A Sky Full Of Stars (2014)


Director: Mat Whitecross

Rone 'Adult' music video

Adult (2014)


Deers 'Bamboo' music video

Bamboo (2014)


Lady Antebellum 'Bartender' music video

Bartender (2014)

Lady Antebellum

Director: Shane Drake

Maya Miko 'Be Better' music video

Be Better (2014)

Maya Miko

DIAMANTE 'Bite Your Kiss' music video

Bite Your Kiss (2014)


T. Nate 'Can I Do Me' music video

Can I Do Me (2014)

T. Nate

King avriel 'Caricatures' music video

Caricatures (2014)

King avriel

Director: Napo

Barbara Kiss 'Catch Me' music video

Catch Me (2014)

Barbara Kiss

Home Free 'Champagne Taste (On a Beer Budget)' music video

Champagne Taste (On a Beer Budget) (2014)

Home Free

Director: FifGen Films

Albin 'Din soldat' music video

Din soldat (2014)


Structures 'Earth Gazing' music video

Earth Gazing (2014)


Catfish And The Bottlemen 'Fallout' music video

Fallout (2014)

Catfish And The Bottlemen

Director: Eoin Glaister

Danny Boone 'Fish Grease' music video

Fish Grease (2014)

Danny Boone

Fyfe 'For You' music video

For You (2014)


The Burning Of Rome 'God of Small Things' music video

God of Small Things (2014)

The Burning Of Rome

Nico Vega 'I Believe (Get Over Yourself)' music video

I Believe (Get Over Yourself) (2014)

Nico Vega

Director: Daniel Epand

Amari 'I nostri eroi' music video

I nostri eroi (2014)


Stitches 'I'm Just a Gangsta' music video

I'm Just a Gangsta (2014)


Saturday Drive 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2014)

Saturday Drive

Crystal Fighters 'Love Alight' music video

Love Alight (2014)

Crystal Fighters

Director: Rob Heppell

Fidel Rueda 'Me Voy De Ti' music video

Me Voy De Ti (2014)

Fidel Rueda

Director: Miguel Rodriguez

Wild Beasts 'Mecca' music video

Mecca (2014)

Wild Beasts

Director: Kate Moross

Ray Rush 'My Familia' music video

My Familia (2014)

Ray Rush

J Quote 'Naw' music video

Naw (2014)

J Quote

Capital Cities 'One Minute More' music video

One Minute More (2014)

Capital Cities

Director: BREWER

Allegaeon 'Our Cosmic Casket' music video

Our Cosmic Casket (2014)


Hundred Waters 'Out Alee (Arcosanti Cut)' music video

Out Alee (Arcosanti Cut) (2014)

Hundred Waters

Director: Alex Warren

Sir Michael Rocks 'Playstation 1.5' music video

Playstation 1.5 (2014)

Sir Michael Rocks

Director: Roberto Mario

SINS 'Red Woman' music video

Red Woman (2014)


Jess Glynne 'Right Here' music video

Right Here (2014)

Jess Glynne

O-Town 'Skydive' music video

Skydive (2014)


Salvador Santana 'Summer's Day' music video

Summer's Day (2014)

Salvador Santana

Olivia Ooms 'Take Me There' music video

Take Me There (2014)

Olivia Ooms

Director: Bayou Bennett, Daniel Lir

Sturgill Simpson 'The Promise' music video

The Promise (2014)

Sturgill Simpson

Ought 'Today More Than Any Other Day' music video

Today More Than Any Other Day (2014)


Nils Bech 'Trip Abroad' music video

Trip Abroad (2014)

Nils Bech

FKA Twigs 'tw-Ache' music video

tw-Ache (2014)

FKA Twigs

Director: Tom Beard, FKA Twigs

Emmanuel Leman 'Una y mil veces' music video

Una y mil veces (2014)

Emmanuel Leman

Nicole Cherry 'Vara mea' music video

Vara mea (2014)

Nicole Cherry

Director: Alex Ceausu

Downtown Club 'Victoria' music video

Victoria (2014)

Downtown Club