Michael S. Yelland 'Accessible Noize (F**K THIS S**T!!!)' music video

Accessible Noize (F**K THIS S**T!!!) (2014)

Michael S. Yelland

Yakamoto Kotzuga 'All These Things I Used To Have' music video

All These Things I Used To Have (2014)

Yakamoto Kotzuga

Director: Furio Ganz, Matilde Sambo

Trampled By Turtles 'Are You Behind the Shining Star?' music video

Are You Behind the Shining Star? (2014)

Trampled By Turtles

Director: Phil Harder

Kstylis 'Booty Bang' music video

Booty Bang (2014)


Director: AlphaMale Visuals

Green Like July 'Borrowed Time' music video

Borrowed Time (2014)

Green Like July

Director: Olimpia Zagnoli

Deniz Demiroz 'Bosuna Yasiyoruz' music video

Bosuna Yasiyoruz (2014)

Deniz Demiroz

AfroWhitey 'Bottoms Up' music video

Bottoms Up (2014)


Director: Nikki Wilson

Hawk House 'Chill Pill (Experiment 2)' music video

Chill Pill (Experiment 2) (2014)

Hawk House

Huoratron 'DDoS' music video

DDoS (2014)


Director: Anssi Määttä

UMA 'DEPART//B1' music video

DEPART//B1 (2014)


How To Dress Well 'Face Again' music video

Face Again (2014)

How To Dress Well

Director: Johannes Greve Muskat

New Navy 'Heaven' music video

Heaven (2014)

New Navy

Director: Jack Naylor

Leilani Wolfgramm 'Herbivore' music video

Herbivore (2014)

Leilani Wolfgramm

¡Mursday! 'Here' music video

Here (2014)


Director: Anthony Devera

Band Of Skulls 'Hoochie Coochie' music video

Hoochie Coochie (2014)

Band Of Skulls

Director: Änders Rostad

The Antlers 'Hotel' music video

Hotel (2014)

The Antlers

Director: Derrick Belcham

Rita Ora 'I Will Never Let You Down (Steve Smart and WestFunk Club Mix)' music video

I Will Never Let You Down (Steve Smart and WestFunk Club Mix) (2014)

Rita Ora

Céline Dion 'Incredible' music video

Incredible (2014)

Céline Dion

Director: Zach Merck

Republica Rock 'Life Goes On' music video

Life Goes On (2014)

Republica Rock

Neon Jungle 'Louder' music video

Louder (2014)

Neon Jungle

Director: Colin Tilley

Harman Gill 'Love Story' music video

Love Story (2014)

Harman Gill

Director: Garry Sahni, Rubal Khera

Ruby Burton 'My Man' music video

My Man (2014)

Ruby Burton

Director: Ryan Kruger

Pakho Chau 'Now Late at Night' music video

Now Late at Night (2014)

Pakho Chau

Kali Jani 'Permission To Go' music video

Permission To Go (2014)

Kali Jani

Arsenium 'Porque te amo' music video

Porque te amo (2014)


Director: Taras Golubkov, Pavel Kildau

Graham Panther 'Promises' music video

Promises (2014)

Graham Panther

Kye Kye 'Scared or Selfish' music video

Scared or Selfish (2014)

Kye Kye

St. South 'Slacks' music video

Slacks (2014)

St. South

Director: Laura Pennell

Victor Doreen 'The Most Favorite Woman In The World' music video

The Most Favorite Woman In The World (2014)

Victor Doreen

Director: Semen Gorov

Cro 'Traum' music video

Traum (2014)


Director: Lars Timmermann

Kevin Drew 'You In Your Were' music video

You In Your Were (2014)

Kevin Drew

Director: Samir Rehem

Da Tweekaz 'Your Love' music video

Your Love (2014)

Da Tweekaz