Shocking Pinks 'A Million Times' music video

A Million Times (2014)

Shocking Pinks

KAMP! 'A New Leaf' music video

A New Leaf (2014)


Director: Sonia Szóstak

Itch 'Another Man' music video

Another Man (2014)


Director: Frank Borin

Spetsnaz 'Apathy' music video

Apathy (2014)


Future 'Blood, Sweat, Tears' music video

Blood, Sweat, Tears (2014)


Director: Samantha Lecca

The Fray 'Break Your Plans' music video

Break Your Plans (2014)

The Fray

Nine Black Alps 'Come Back Around' music video

Come Back Around (2014)

Nine Black Alps

Woman's Hour 'Conversations' music video

Conversations (2014)

Woman's Hour

Director: Frank and Jane

Darlia 'Dear Diary' music video

Dear Diary (2014)


Director: Tom Oxley

Camdoja 'Empire Made of Fire' music video

Empire Made of Fire (2014)


The King of Hearts 'Game Boy' music video

Game Boy (2014)

The King of Hearts

Zulu WInter 'Heavy Rain' music video

Heavy Rain (2014)

Zulu WInter

Alyssa Reid 'Hurricane' music video

Hurricane (2014)

Alyssa Reid

Erotic Market 'I Want To Be Some Booty' music video

I Want To Be Some Booty (2014)

Erotic Market

Director: Wasaru

For All Those Sleeping 'Incomplete Me' music video

Incomplete Me (2014)

For All Those Sleeping

Electric Youth 'Innocence' music video

Innocence (2014)

Electric Youth

Director: Ivan Grbovic

Leafy Satori Risk 'It Was Not Easy' music video

It Was Not Easy (2014)

Leafy Satori Risk

Jack White 'Lazaretto' music video

Lazaretto (2014)

Jack White

Director: Jonas & Francois

Chuck Inglish 'LEGS' music video

LEGS (2014)

Chuck Inglish

Director: Andreis Costa

Ivy & Gold 'Love Is A Sacrifice' music video

Love Is A Sacrifice (2014)

Ivy & Gold

Director: Christine Tynkevych

OneRepublic 'Love Runs Out' music video

Love Runs Out (2014)


Director: Sophie Muller

Mod Sun 'MushrooMS' music video

MushrooMS (2014)

Mod Sun

Director: Mod Sun

Nature 'No Gun Around' music video

No Gun Around (2014)


Bonaparte 'Out Of Control' music video

Out Of Control (2014)


Throwing Shade 'Pure Life' music video

Pure Life (2014)

Throwing Shade

Randy Rogers Band 'Satellite' music video

Satellite (2014)

Randy Rogers Band

Eva Alordiah 'Shots on Shots' music video

Shots on Shots (2014)

Eva Alordiah

Klaxons 'Show Me A Miracle' music video

Show Me A Miracle (2014)


Director: BRTHR

SEVDALIZA 'Sirens Of The Caspian' music video

Sirens Of The Caspian (2014)


Director: Atlynn Vrolijk

Jbre X Dougie Kent 'Stimulation' music video

Stimulation (2014)

Jbre X Dougie Kent

Director: Michael Todaro

Prime Ministers 'Take It Back' music video

Take It Back (2014)

Prime Ministers

Director: Ruben Martin

Young Widows 'The Last Young Widow' music video

The Last Young Widow (2014)

Young Widows

Director: Ethan Roberts, Gardenback

I Am Zero 'The Winter Sun' music video

The Winter Sun (2014)

I Am Zero

Pélico 'Você Não Entende Nada' music video

Você Não Entende Nada (2014)


Director: Filipe Franco, José Menezes

Washed Out 'Weightless' music video

Weightless (2014)

Washed Out

Director: David Altobelli

Migos 'Who The Hell' music video

Who The Hell (2014)


Tearjerker 'You Can' music video

You Can (2014)


Director: Gökçe Erdem