Elyar Fox 'A Billion Girls' music video

A Billion Girls (2014)

Elyar Fox

Mary J. Blige 'A Night To Remember' music video

A Night To Remember (2014)

Mary J. Blige

Director: Christopher Sims

Child Actor 'Against The NIght' music video

Against The NIght (2014)

Child Actor

Director: Anthony Supreme

Annie Eve 'Basement' music video

Basement (2014)

Annie Eve

American Authors 'Believer' music video

Believer (2014)

American Authors

DDm 'Come Thru' music video

Come Thru (2014)


Guerrinha 'Dinastia Rebello' music video

Dinastia Rebello (2014)


Chlöe Howl 'Disappointed' music video

Disappointed (2014)

Chlöe Howl

Quilt 'Eye Of The Pearl' music video

Eye Of The Pearl (2014)


Director: John Andrews

Assia Ahhatt 'Fiesta In San Juan' music video

Fiesta In San Juan (2014)

Assia Ahhatt

Director: Jessy Terrero

Dry The River 'Gethsemane' music video

Gethsemane (2014)

Dry The River

Francesco Rossi 'Godspeed You' music video

Godspeed You (2014)

Francesco Rossi

Director: halcyon, Jack Pirie, Alex Hylands-White

Cruzmatik 'Godzilla' music video

Godzilla (2014)


Dilated Peoples 'Good As Gone' music video

Good As Gone (2014)

Dilated Peoples

Director: Andrew Melby, Evidence

JT Pender 'Got It Made' music video

Got It Made (2014)

JT Pender

Director: Ryan Wise

Mr Meanor 'I'm Your Type' music video

I'm Your Type (2014)

Mr Meanor

Goldfrapp 'Jo' music video

Jo (2014)


Director: Lisa Gunning

Rag'N'Bone Man 'Lay My Body Down' music video

Lay My Body Down (2014)

Rag'N'Bone Man

Director: Crooked Cynics

Benny Benassi 'Let This Last Forever' music video

Let This Last Forever (2014)

Benny Benassi

J. Cole 'Lights Please' music video

Lights Please (2014)

J. Cole

Aterra Tale 'Little Lies and Sweet Goodbyes' music video

Little Lies and Sweet Goodbyes (2014)

Aterra Tale

Dominique Toney 'Loving You's So Easy' music video

Loving You's So Easy (2014)

Dominique Toney

Full Crate x Mar 'Man x Woman' music video

Man x Woman (2014)

Full Crate x Mar

Director: Ruben van Leer, Judith Veenendaal

J Quiles 'Maria' music video

Maria (2014)

J Quiles

Director: Fernando Lugo

Anitta 'No Meio da Torcida' music video

No Meio da Torcida (2014)


Cash The Dead Man 'Plan B' music video

Plan B (2014)

Cash The Dead Man

Ted Z & The Wranglers 'Rather' music video

Rather (2014)

Ted Z & The Wranglers

The Devil Wears Prada 'Sailor's Prayer' music video

Sailor's Prayer (2014)

The Devil Wears Prada

Director: Robert Sexton

Rosana (2) 'Sin Miedo' music video

Sin Miedo (Version 1) (2014)


Tesla 'So Divine' music video

So Divine (2014)


Director: Kevin J Custer

Misery Index 'The Calling' music video

The Calling (2014)

Misery Index

Jennifer Hudson 'Walk It Out' music video

Walk It Out (2014)

Jennifer Hudson

Director: Director X

MØ 'Walk This Way' music video

Walk This Way (2014)

Director: Emile Rafael

Jon Hopkins 'We Disappear' music video

We Disappear (2014)

Jon Hopkins

Director: Rob Chiu

Scorcher 'Work Get It' music video

Work Get It (2014)


Director: Matthew Walker

Rosana (2) 'Yo No Te Dejo Marchar' music video

Yo No Te Dejo Marchar (2014)


Troy Ave 'Your Style' music video

Your Style (2014)

Troy Ave